How to emulate many spotify mobile users

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    Currently, the only way I know how to automate a number of spotify instances is via imacros in web browser. Problem is, VERY few actual users use spotify web player, so it should be pretty obvious on Spotify's end that these are all fake streams.

    Really need to figure out how to emulate real users. I'll leave the automation discussion for another day, but for now, need to figure out how to emulate many cell phone users.

    So... that would mean a mix of android an iphone apps, and figuring out how to mimic real ip behavior.

    First off, not really familiar with the ip bit. Does the ip change as phone users go on and off of wifi? If you just set a proxy into the app, can't they see you've used proxy since it's typed into their app?

    As for the bigger question, how do you emulate a number of phones? Can you, for instance, use multiple instances of android emulator on one machine simultaneously? Is there some general term for this sort of hack that I should be looking up?

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    the wifi has nothing to do with the phone itself

    if you have a 3G/4G card in the phone with a data plan, what the carrier gives you, now that ip changes if you restart your phone (if you just enable/disable the mobile connection w/o turning off/on the phone, it won't), that ip is dynamic, i think most if not all mobile carriers use dynamic ip

    a wifi ip can be static or dynamic
    let's see 2 examples where you use a wifi router at home:
    1. you have a static ip, that's the case with cable providers for instance, no matter what you do, the ip will stay the same, obviously the ip on your phone won't change either
    2. you have a dynamic ip, that's what most DSL providers use, the ip will change when you disconnect/reconnect your internet connection and it will affect all the devices on the same network, so the phone will use this new ip too, whenever you disconnect/reconnect, it will be a new ip

    in short: if you use your phone on wifi, the type of the ip will depend on the network you're connecting to