How to earn money with my autoblogg


Feb 8, 2010
Hello guys! I started one autoblogg just for testing autoblogging ;)

This is my visitor stats

I dont really know how I get this visitors :p I havent promoted the blogg just added it to google search engine + I use a plugin that pings every post.

I started the blogg on the 17th.

Now I wounder how can I make money from this? I have signed up for google adsense but they havent replied me yet and I signed up the same day as I started the blogg.

Any other way to earn money from this? I will also setup some more bloggs when I know how to make money from this :p
if you read my whole post you can see that I have already signed up with adsense but they havent accepted me yet. any other ideas?

Ive got same problem. Didnt got accepted yet too.

Thanks for saying that you've added ur url to google.. forgot that :D

Around this forum i saw Copead, or copecad or something wich is also an advertisement site. Dont know good name anymore :rolleyes:
I also started (auto)blogging recently but I dont get so much traffic yet
I got my reply from adsense in 3 days though.

you can try amazon/ebay affiliate... there are many methods and you find them all on BHW.

Can you tell whats the name of the plugin you use ?
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