How to earn money on websites, for someone who has never done it before?

Kulas Nah

Jan 2, 2017
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I have just started to look into ways of earning money on the internet, and it seems like many people have had success on this site. But their tutorials are so advanced, so I was wondering if there are any more in depth tutorials for people like me, and even tho it seems like many are having success, what are the chances of failing?

I was maybe thinking of making a website, but need tutorials of what I can post and get visitors etc,
I have money to invest in domain name and host, so that will be no problem, I don't have coding knowledge

I also got myself a subscription of private label resell rights if that can be for some use.
I looked around a bit but didn't found any in depth tutorials, please link them if you have some.
Do you believe u need a question mark at the end? JUST ASKING, maybe?
The odds of internet success is not like a game of dice. Unlike games of chance, the odds of success are controlled by you. John chow did a good video on this mentality shift you need to do.
Start with a blog in your niche, grow it like your child. Make guide post and use your affiliate links.

For traffic, Join facebook groups related to your niche. Post guides there and engage with people.

1. if you keep posting about your links people will get offended. You need to be active on those groups and post there.
2. While posting same link to different groups use variations of text in the facebook post.
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