How to earn money from my blog?

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    May 16, 2012
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    I have a very nicely laid out blogger blog with numbered navigation, categories, related posts, and many more. But the problem is I can't get any money from it . I am using chitika and infinityads pop-up ads in it. I have made a few pennies in infinityads but no earning on chitika. Please help me out. In getting my blog to best place in search engines result and also to earn more money from it.
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    5 tips
    Sell advertising.
    Help sell others' products
    Solicit contributions.
    Market your services in your blog.
    Use a blog to deepen your existing customer relations.
    Other way
    Do you actually want to monetize your blog?
    here's a list:

    Google Adsense ads (pay per click and pay per impression advertising)
    Donations (via PayPal or snail mail — yes, some people do mail a check)
    Text Link Ads (sold for a fixed amount per month)
    Chitika eMiniMalls ads (pay per click)
    Affiliate programs like Amazon and LinkShare (commission on products sold, mostly books)
    Advertising sold to individual advertisers (three-month campaigns or longer)
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    try using google adsense in order to get good earnings
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    If you use Adsense to earn from your blog, you are already on your way to failure.
    See what your audience needs, and sign up with product offers (affiliate) that fit or relate to your audience's needs.
    Presell the products within your articles and use interesting banners from the offers to also get your readers attention.

    Adsense is a waste of clicks. With Adsense, you "sell" the clicks to an Adwords customer.
    Each click however might convert big time for the advertiser, while you get paid "pennies".
    So instead of "throwing away" your clicks, use banners from your affiliate products.

    Let's do the math here:

    Imagine you have one banner on your website and that banner gets clicked 100 times a day.
    Now, let's say you get paid 0.50 $ per click, which would give you a total profit of $ 50 per day.

    This may sound nice, but I want you to use your mind and look at this:

    Now, just to compare, we switch that very same banner with a banner that redirects the user to a nice, high converting product.
    Each sale/lead done through that link will give you, let's say, $ 50.

    Now assume you have a conversion rate of 1%. This means, out of those 100 clicks, one will become a lead (buy the product or whatever). This would also give you your $ 50 per day. But here comes the trick:

    If you manage to increase that conversion rate, those 100 clicks can bring you more money than 100 clicks from Adsense (which also was $ 50). If your conversion rate is 10%, you would make $ 500 per day just out of one banner.

    I hope you get the idea.