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Feb 12, 2008
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Hi seniors,
Can you please guide me how to drive traffic to this adult site and where I can find link exchanges . Please show me where to promote site to earn atleast 100-200 visitors per day. I am new to adult site.

awaiting your support and suggestions.

Manually or automatically? Here I give you manual free ways (not free manual ways, it's already free for you). After you ean what you want, try to buy or get some tools to automate your tasks.
  1. Everytime you have an update on your page socialize it to social boormarking sites (it's a must nowadays). You must join first. Like in social poster . Add the button and there you go. At least ping it (This one belongs to one of our friends here.) You can build high quality backlink here.
  2. Do not forget joining yahoo mailing lists (try 200 or 300) and send your ads there everyday.
  3. Submit your site to Search Engines manual is better but if you are too tired, use free online submitter. Do some traffic exchange.Join Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, Bebo, Friendster add friends and at least you can promote it by sending messages or posting bulletins or advertise it in the forums.
  4. Join forums and don't forget to advertise in the forums.
  5. Do some blogwalking, don't care if what you have is a website. Find some blogs in the same theme as yours and comment...comment....comment. Promote your site politely in your comments.
  6. Send emails with a link to your website.
  7. Send your site to classified ads.
  8. Send video traffic. Video Traffic is a video which is able to send traffic to your site. It works best when you use it to explain a little description about your
    business like the use of movie trailer. It can raise biz op seekers' eagerness.
    After making a video that provides a redirect link to your site, send it to
    video sites below!
So I have told you the manual ways randomly, Choose a sort of manual traffic pullers that seem to pull more. You know that some can not be done everyday other case you'll be banned. If you have al least 6 hours a day, it's possible to get more than 200 visits everyday. I suggest you to when you are ready, to automate all your tasks. PM me to if you want it. And well....I'm a newbie here, but not in the business, so you can count on me.
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