How to drive traffic from twitter without spamming on autopilot

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    Hi, for those who don't know I started a thread a few months back talking about my sale of several websites that were getting high amounts of traffic thanks to twitter.

    Yes, I was spamming twitter with a tool called "wp tweet bomb" (no longer available). At the time I was sending like 4 to 6 tweets per minute and I was getting more than two thousand visitors in the second week at one website alone. It was great and my first success in the IM world. I sold those sites for a few thousand dollars.

    In the following months twitter become better in finding this kind of accounts and those got banned in just a few days after created. I was like "ok, I am done with twitter!! I need a more stable strategy!!" and that was the moment that I was trying to rank good with google doing all kinds of SEO but what I really hate about it, is the amount of time you need to wait to see results.

    Yes!! You make some changes hoping to do the right stuff only to see NOTHING two weeks later. I really hate that, I was used to immediate results.

    For those not familiar with the use of twitter to drive traffic to your site, let me tell you that is amazing how fast you can get results!!! I'm not talking of months or weeks or days or hours but minutes!. I still remember the first time that I look at my stats from after I installed that plugin. It was amazing to see how people were at my site (an autoblog by the way) an the next day my adsense account was getting some cash too.

    But as I told you, today is not so easy, most of the twitter accounts are banned in a few minutes or hours after you start to use them. I am getting worst results using "tweetattacks" and not so bad results with "tweetadder".

    The problem (I believe) with this software is that currently they have a very big user base and they are leaving an enormous footprint, also they relay on they idea of SPAM that twitter hates. I decided to make some changes in my strategy and started to give more value to the users of twitter without spamming, without giving away the automation part.

    Currently I am using a good strategy that is giving me good results and creating very good twitter accounts.

    First you need a StumbleUpon account with interest related to your niche, then I scrape some info of the webpage that StumbleUpon recommends to the account. Finally I use that information as tweets, that I can submit using any tweet scheduler.

    With this simple solution I can provide to my followers, very targeted tweets, high quality content that is not perceived as spam, the tweets are not random or useless, they provide real value to your followers.

    In exchange I get more and more followers, who I can send later tweets now with my link. And best of all is automatic!!

    I made a small bot to automate this simple task, you only need to set the number of tweets and press the play button. If anyone is interested I can send it for free, in exchange I will like to hear suggestions on how can this be improved.

    I really love the idea of instant results and I am sure many of you think the same.
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    I currently use a combination of tweeting Google Alerts RSS feeds via TwitterFeed to hide my spam messages in among relevant content.

    The method is semi-automated because i use a wordpress blog to post in the spam messages each day that get posted to twitter via TwitterFeed.

    Its been quite effective so far. Still in experiment phase though.