how to download file from torrent site legally ,and share it legally with file locking

May 22, 2014
i want to know . where i can get public sources, free content(such as ebook,video,game) available sharing through torrent file with sharecash get in to blackhatworld as a new member i got lots of idea and thoughtful idea from many postbut only thing i find was i can make money through sharecash for now since i don't have money to build on like an snow ballso thinking about sharecash i thinked a lot copying through many site but i just realized i'm in chinaa can't access to youtube i can't access to youtube.. only thing i can access is youku or baidu i heard from blackhatforum download trailer of movie review from youtubebut i can't..!! and i'm not even sure i might go jail or not, sharing video get from some site Now i'm thinking forum posting . copying url file download link and some description from second or third party website write original link but hypertext to sharecash or Pay per lead is it legal?(i saw many public domain image but can't find video or music only thing i saw was royality free.. which requiring license payment)important is. 1.can't even verify through chinese bank. (i'm noob )2.therefore no money to paypal ...(and poor )i'm stuck help and what does release mean ? is that mean i can share content freely? public ebook said they have copy rights therefore if i use them as commercial affiliation they would kill me as i heard only personal use but i want money ... really much. i asking for answer because there wasn't clear answer to this question.. i really don't want to share illegally help.. i even think about spamming i have 30~100 email of ppl maybe i could be find more like 300 or 1000 if i use social apps crazily but i'm not sure spamming will leading me to jail help i saw some of survey site need payment as well.. and some site pays like 20cent per survey or more less this noob need serious help my mind is not clear to make in action sorry for my bad english
Man, calm down. You'll find the answer to all your questions if you read ShareCash'es ToS.
Generally, you are not allowed to distribute any copyrighted files. Also video services like YouTube or Youku prohibit downloading/sharing their streaming videos.
UPD: sorry, haven't noticed this thread is old.
thanks for your update your comment yeah i was confused about their tos but i get now with clear explain

youku prohibit? alright i better think better method
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