How To Downgrade to WP 2.71 from 2.8

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    If you are having any problems with Wordpress 2.8 (like me) or if you just want to go back to 2.7.1, just download Wordpress 2.71 here:

    You will install it via FTP. Make sure you install the version you had before you updated to 2.8, but I don?t think that really matters. 2.7.1 is the highest stable version right now.

    When you FTP the new files, make sure that you?re not overwriting the wp-config.php AND that you delete the wp-content folder from the new installation package, that way you won?t accidentally overwrite anything and lose all your plugins and themes. Wp-config.php is not included in the package from the WP link above, but if you are using another copy it could be there.

    Other than those two caveats, just upload everything via FTP.
    Go to your login screen, log in and it will ask you to upgrade the database. Click yes.
    If you haven?t already, make a backup of your database before you click the button that tells it to upgrade.
    And that?s it.
    Downgrade is done.

    You will know that it succeeded when you go to your dashboard and see the phrase: ?Wordpress 2.8 is available! Please update now.?
    This worked like a charm for me?hopefully it will for you too.

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    thank you, I really need to do this. theres a lot of plugins not working in 2.8, sheez.
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    I did that but I find that my regular themes and plugins are broken. Do NOT bother to use 2.8 at all. Now I have to find a 2.71 and replace my 2.8 with that. Bloody mess!!