How to double your leads & conversions using Facebook Offers


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Apr 18, 2015
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How to double your leads & conversions using Facebook Offers. I’m going to keep this one short & cover how I’ve generated tons of leads & sales by using offers in my conversion ads. You’ll be able to get Facebook to do all the following up for you….for free. Most people have no idea this even exists or works this way.

Why I recommend using Facebook Offers:

1. Free email follow up from Facebook themselves! They will literally email the person reminding them to use your offer! Not only that, it will be sent to their BEST email so you can pretty much guarantee that it will be delivered.

2. Free notification follow up from Facebook! Depending on how long out you’ve set your offer, Facebook will literally send these prospects MULTIPLE notifications to remind them to get your offer & buy/book. As if the email wasn’t enough you’re getting this as a bonus. Forget newsfeed retargeting, get direct notification retargeting for free

3. Permanently saved. Your offer is permanently saved in their ‘Saved’ folder & it will always remain ‘unread’ & unused until they go through with it. Not only that, it will be in the SAME group as all their non advertising related saved posts. So if they normally save article & blog posts, your offer will be right in between all of that. Perfect product placement. You can almost guarantee they go back and check this folder every now and then, so seeing your offer there every time is huge.

4. Best part of all is they only have to click on Get Offer once for all of this to happen. No filling out a form, no messenger optin, nothing like that. It’s one click and you’re in. Also, Facebook does not charge per ‘Get Offer’ click. Of course, you do pay per impressions & conversions, but this is somewhat included as a bonus.

5. It doesn’t look like the usual ad. I comes up as ‘Your Page Name shared an offer’ & it also shows how many people claimed it. This is an edge as most people are not used to seeing ads phrased this way so it definitely comes off differently compared to the usual newsfeed ad.

How do you set this up?

Next time you make a conversion or link click ad toggle the Offer button to create your own unique offer. I recommend keeping at least a 7 day window so Facebook has enough time to do the retargeting for you. You can also preview the notification the receive and the email they receive. 3 birds with 1 stone. The audience I usually recommend for this is PageView & AddToCart as they’re in the consideration stage. However, feel free to test this out with cold audiences. If you do it right, it should work just as well.


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May 19, 2010
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Am getting ready to do Fb ads and your method is a very timely share. Thanks for sharing with us.


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Jun 24, 2018
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Thank you very much, I will be trying this out!