How to do thing right ?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by HostStage, May 27, 2011.

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    Hi wonderful community !

    Let's get it on babies !

    SO, I'm about to complete my second website for my professional business.

    I've some little experience in the SEO world, but nothing more than that.

    Panda is coming in 2 months in my country.

    My business is one web agency with a wordpress blog included, and the other one is a webhoster with a free offer, that i'm ready to share with you guys, if you want so.

    Question is : What are your advice dealing with the best nowadays technics / tools to have some traffic and be ranked well without being penalized ?

    For some of you, it would be a lame question but with the upcoming panda i'm affraid to do things wrong.
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    If it's a business site, then should your mainfocus be to create high quality content and to make a user friendly interface.

    It's not official but I believe that G use bounce rate and time spend on a website as a parameter for ranking. At least that would make sense.

    Backlinks - don't blast directly with Xrumer or SB. Make sure to have some .edu and -giv backlinks as well.