How to do "intern youtube optimization"


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Jan 20, 2009
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I couldn't find anything better than "intern youtube optimization".
All I want to do is to get better rankings at certain keywords when someone searches something on youtube.
John searches "how to lose weight" on youtube. John will get on a page with that has like 30 videos related to losing weight.
My question to you, how can I be between that videos? How can I be on in the top 5?

Could I don anything "blackhat" to get listed between the first results?
Well there a few different things you can do. I rank higher for certain keywords than the videos do that have 100K-500K views...

If you want massive track your best bet is to get the top honors or frontpage of youtube.

If you want people to find your video from keyword/searching. This is how you do it and the great benefit to this is that if your keyword relates to the site or product your trying to drive traffic to. The traffic becomes very targeted and that means more clicks, more sales, signups etc...

We are going to use the keyword "video marketing" as a example

Title : "Learn how to effectively do video marketing"

"hXXp://www.videomarketinglesson.c0m" Let me show you video marketing and how to do it correctly. Then you can say whatever else after that you want about video marketing.

Title and description should have the same keyword your trying to target in both of them.

In the description your link to the site your trying to drive traffic too It should also have that keyword.
The keyword should ALSO be on the first line of the description.<---Very important

In the tags the main keyword you used in title ,description, and url should be the first word for tags... and then use other variations of that keyword say you used "video marketing" as a keyword.

Tags should look like this " video marketing online viral promotion internet

The words following you would not put marketing again as it's already in the tags.

That little bit of information can rank you top 4 for any keyword..

There are other ways of getting massive traffic but this will rank you for keywords.
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