How to do BH for my WH site?

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    I know how and what to do with my BH sites and i don't care if 1 or all wil be banned by big G (i just buy new ones :heh:).

    Now is my problem that i have a WH (oscommerce) store/site. <=== my baby :withstupi I don't want to get banned with that one. So posting mass comments and that kind of stuff is not a good plan, or am i wrong? Some people wil say it is no problem and i will not get banned if i use comment spam..... but i wonder if that is the case.....

    I think the best thing to do is: Make new websites and send people from that new BH site to my WH site with rel="nofollow" links ...... and here is my problem. WHat is the best way to do? I want to use WPress for the BW sites. For my BH sites i use rss feeds and that kind of stuff to get the content and link to the affiliate program for that niche. But no way i can find rss feeds for the stuff i'm selling on my WH site in my language. So content is again the problem ;) Is photo blogging any good or a waste of time?

    At the moment i can make a BH site and get traffic right away, but i'm complete blank how to use my BH skills for my WH site :eek::confused::(

    Big thanks!

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    Wow! some treats are removed? never mind ;)