How to distinguish between business calls and personal calls?

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    Hi guys

    I need phone number service recommendations.

    I bought a local number from skype which was supposed to forward to my cell phone. For a while I was happy with it. But last weekend I realized it's not forwarding the calls! For weeks I was wondering why business is so slow, why nobody calls.

    I am looking for a phone number service with the following features:
    1) I should be able to see the caller's phone number on my caller ID
    2) I should be able to somehow differentiate between business calls and personal calls. In other words, when I pick up, I should know if the person is calling my cell phone number or the business number.
    3) Google voice is not an option (I am afraid they will use the phone number that I forward to, to link my websites that I don't want linked)

    Can you recommend a service that you use and like?