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    I thank my lucky stars everytime I think about this place but the one dilemma I have is how to digest all the info, keep organised and stop getting too sidetracked ;)

    The way I personally try to split things is by topic and project.

    I split money making methods etc. into major groups like these.

    --> CPA
    --> Adsense
    --> PPC
    --> eBay / Amazon / Drop Shipping
    --> Product Launches
    --> eWhoring
    --> Flipping
    --> Domaining
    --> SEO / Link Building / White Hat Techniques
    --> CS
    --> Web Design
    --> White Hat Methods
    --> Offline
    --> Adult Related
    --> CL / Posting
    --> Black Hat Techniques (misc that dont fit the above)
    --> Grey Hat Techniques (misc that dont fit the above)

    etc. etc. etc.

    Then they get split for reference into other folders e.g. for SEO it could be:

    --> Backlink Tools / Tricks
    --> PAD
    --> Press Releases
    --> RSS
    --> Getting Clients
    --> Article Marketing

    etc. etc. etc.

    For the very best stuff that I find I will usually copy it over to another folder for a specific project, for example would copy the most golden White Hat SEO stuff to a project I may be working on.

    All the big stuff e.g. 100MB+ I need to move around to different places to save HD space. I also religiously turn the best pages into docs by printing to pdf as its a nightmare if a excellent thread gets lost...

    I then make notes on the best stuff I have gathered and dip in when I need to. For example I have big folders on offline / web design / SEO / product launches of multiple threads and members DLs for reference.

    I read another thread about a shelf system someone had where they put different things on shelves to prioritize what to read and moved things to the top for most urgent and bottom for future projects.

    Some other members have commented they hate reading and just get stuck in ASAP. My problem is here whenever I look for one bit of info I find 10 great bits of info and get sidetracked, although I am getting better. I regularly refer to this place as pandoras box and refuse to tell certain ppl about it for their own good as I know there is SOOOO much information here.

    I would be really interested to know how ppl store and digest stuff here and what works / doesnt. I find splitting helps the best into folders. I might also try creating monster word docs with lots and lots of info. I tried this once before and it was as tedious as f%^k.

    EDIT: One trick I found for working without getting sidetracked on boring tasks was setting stopwatches for certain periods and making sure I do hour blocks of work then break then set another hour block to keep focused.

    How do you guys cope with the volume of info here?

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