how to determine how much traffic a keyword gets?


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Mar 23, 2009
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Hey guys so I just had THE BEST idea, I have a keyword, that has BARELY any competition and I want to buy a .info with the keyword in it. First I would like to know how much traffic google gets from this keyword, I was wondering how can I determine this, cause i noticed barely any competition for it.
It really depends.. There is not exact formula for that :)
I have site where Im ranked #1 on Google for main keyword. Based on Google Keyword Tool, that main keyword is searched about 27k/month and i get about 200 (at best days 300) visitors per day. So maybe my title is not catchy or something else keep them away from my site :)
Also Google Keyword Tool is not so accurate, but it can give you a clue :)

Anyway, I think you should try and see how it ll go :)
At least .info domains are cheap :D
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