How to detect proxies that use you for advertisment and tracking?

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    Nov 22, 2014
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    I googled for free proxies and got list of 1000 from like 10 sites that list em, about 200 turn out working.
    Tried few and got popups with keywords from URL i use i go to nvidia homepage and i get to
    other example proxy goes to some affiliate website and then to nvidia home page with
    in URL.

    Firebug reports that i getting cookies set when this redirects happen
    Set-Cookie: vig=eaaca701d4693578423c20b186d0512d
    could be tracking cookie who knows, so this totally eliminates benefits of using proxy.

    This only triggers on some domains not all, i guess ones that match popular keywords. Is this normal practice, how to protect myself from this, disabling javascript does not help, is there way to filter out this proxies somehow?
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