How to deal with Facebook Ads bans. 2 years of experience

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Aug 26, 2020
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My friend has been running BH Facebook Ads for 2 years (mostly gambling, sometimes crypto).
He decided to make a list of recommendations how to deal with bans.

1. Ad creative unicalization. You can use telegram bots for this purpose.
2. Good IP means A LOT. Use good residential or mobile proxy.
3. Use manually farmed account as King and autoregs as donors. You can use 5-10 autoregs with one King account.
4. Nowadays fanpages are getting banned almost always. Buy trusted (unsuspended) fanpages to avoid this
5. Don't use f*cked BINs. Choose a good bank.
6. Pay attention to your antidetect browser configs. Useragent must be fresh
7. If you advertise a link using cloak, you need to ensure you set up your cloak correctly (obviously).
8. The main thing is your METHOD. The working methods rotates very often. Yesterday you could get your ads running using Business Manager, today you use King account and donors, tomorrow you will use another method. Methods are cyclical, but you never know what method is actual at the moment until you try (or ask someone)
9. If you run BH ads your accounts will get blocked after some time 100%. This is reality. You must use a lot of accounts to generate a good traffic volume. Just try to lose as

I hope these tips will help newbies to avoid losing their money and time.
If you need any links (photo/video unicalizator, accounts/proxy, cloak etc) or any additional help feel free to contact my friend in telegram: @Gambloid_Yebuchiy
Not open for further replies.
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