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How to Create Unique Content

Discussion in 'Associated Content & Writing Articles' started by FearAztec, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. FearAztec

    FearAztec Newbie

    Feb 23, 2009
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    Hmm, I wonder..
    Have you ever wanted to buy PLR articles, but hesitated because you were worried about duplicate content issues?
    I understand how you feel. And I understand your scepticism. I would feel the same way in your position.
    Publishing PLR articles on your website just the way you got them can really affect your search engine rankings. And if you try to submit them to article directories, your article may get rejected. Article directories just don't allow duplicate content.
    So what's the solution? As it turns out, there are several ways you can create unique content using PLR articles. Read on to learn more...

    Combine two or more PLR articles to create a single unique article

    This one is easy. Just take a portion from each article and put them together. Maybe add a few sentences here and there to keep the flow smooth.
    Combing articles to create a unique one has an additional advantage that you can use this technique to create longer articles.
    Try to look for a common theme. For example, if you take an article about Windows, another about Mac, and yet another about Linux, you can combine them and write an article that gives an overview of all the different operating systems.

    Split an article into two or more longer articles

    If you can combine articles, you can split them too, right?
    Well, yes, technically. But then you will have to do some writing of your own.
    What you can do is take a paragraph or an idea from an article and expand it into an article in its own right. For example, if you take an article about the top five ways of doing something, you can probably write a separate article for each of the methods covered in the original article.
    Takes a bit of work, but hey, you end up with more number of articles than you started with.

    Rewrite the article (or get someone else to do it)

    If all your attempts at combining or splitting the articles to create unique content have failed, the least you can do is simply rewrite all of the PLR articles that you have.
    Simply change the headline, the first paragraph, the ending, and a few sentences here and there. Should take you just a few minutes per article.
    Or if you don't want to spend the time rewriting the articles yourself, you can also outsource it to someone else on the cheap. Sites like elance or rentacoder give you access to a lot of writers who can rewrite your PLR articles. You can also hire people via craigslist and kijiji. A good place would be from the Philippines due to cheap yet effective work.

    Convert to audio or video

    Converting your PLR articles to audio or video format will not only increase their perceived value, they will also give you a chance to make them unique as you go, without having to spend a lot of time.
    You can do this with very basic equipment if you want to. No need to get too fancy. Just get a simple headphone with a mic, and a webcam, and recording software, and you are good to go.

    Convert the article to audio, and then back to text

    Just put the article in front of you, start recording, and keep reading the article. But instead of repeating what's in the article verbatim, you can keep saying each sentence in a different way than is written.
    You can even expand each sentence into stories or examples, and add your own perspective here and there.
    Once you have finished recording, you can transcribe it back and get a text version. If you are too lazy to type, or don't have the time, you can use one of the transcribing services online.

    Use the PLR Article software

    There are plenty of article rewriting software out there, some of which better than others. Though this is a quick fix it is it should not be your only tool. I personally use an article spinner to spin my articles for me so I can save even more time, and you can use them as well. There are some free ones that you can find, although I have found them to be generally more difficult to use and not as effective.

    Final thoughts.

    Instead of just taking the PLR articles as they are and just posting them on your website or blog, you obviously need to alter them in some way so that they are unique and truly are your own content. But it will be unique in the fact that it is worded differently than the thousands of other articles on the internet from the people who obtained the same article as you did.

    Don't solely rely on just one method. Mix and match different rewriting techniques until you find something that works for you yet outputs unique content. Add additional info and knowledge from your own experiences, establish your own opinions and shape the articles around it. You can even remove parts that you do not agree with, making it even more unique.

    But essentially you just need to remember that if you are using PLR content that you need to alter it so that it is not the same as thousands of others on the internet and you will not have the problem of duplicate content like many other people run into.
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  2. kholmes

    kholmes Newbie

    Mar 16, 2008
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    Asphalt Worker
    Great post FearAztec,

    There are some steps that i did not even think of. Now, I can create alot more unique content for my blog and subscribers.

    Again, thanks
  3. Riposte

    Riposte Junior Member

    Feb 2, 2008
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    Thanks for the copy and paste.

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  4. razohad

    razohad Power Member

    Jan 11, 2008
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    Software engginer
    online most of the time
    copy pate, shame on you, but this is a good info for nobs after all.
  5. jasonac2

    jasonac2 Junior Member

    Nov 23, 2008
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    So basically:

    How to Create Unique Content: Copy and Paste from another site
  6. leonidt

    leonidt Regular Member

    Oct 11, 2008
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    How about a -rep and report instead?
  7. casas

    casas Newbie

    Jul 21, 2008
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    Home Page:
    my 2 cents...
    Translate the PLR Article(s) into another Language
    then post it or translate it back from that foreign language into English...it will differently be unique piece..

  8. harry

    harry Junior Member

    Apr 22, 2007
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    United Kingdom
    Thanks. Gonna try the combining two articles tip.
  9. artfuldodger

    artfuldodger Registered Member

    Nov 25, 2008
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    why give him a hard time about it being a copy an dpaste? I know i never read it before,,,i dont care where i found it...now all this has been previously said throughout BHW anyway..but its good to be able to see it all archived at once