How to create new Youtube Accounts?

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    How to create new Youtube Accounts?
    This question might seem like an old question, but lately youtube has changed alot of things so I think its a relevant question right now!.
    As some would say it, they are getting harder and harder to deal with.

    I have lately been inspired by several threads especially the threads where people update their daily income and wanted to start doing this myself.
    So I started researching products, created videos the whole thing except the last vital thing which I was a bit sloppy with, Youtube account creation.

    So when I finally said to myself now I have to get some youtube accounts and start the process I get to the verification code page, when I then get a verification code by voicemail and type it in it saids code not working. I have tried several things I also tried with tempoary mail services, but it seems like youtube also have figured that one out.

    If anyone know of a way can you please pm me, not writing the actual method in the thread since they will crack down on these things very fast.

    Oh I have another question I might as well put in here. I'm not the type who wanna make 100's of spammy videos and upload to youtube, I wanna make quality After effects videos with unique sound that I create as well. I don't wanna give fake likes,comments or views I just wanna rank the videos naturally since the videos will be totally unique to the audience.

    The 2nd question
    Is a keyword optimized channel still important to have or is that fluff?
    Do I have to do anything like frequently login to the youtube channel to not get it banned
    Shall I put a picture and change the color schemes is that relevant?
    Anything else I need to do if the above is fulfilled?