How to create lots of small corporations?

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    Alright, so I made an EIN. Im not incorporated, I applied as a sole proprietor But I would like to create many more of these kind of thing (small corporations?) so i can have many accounts at a certain website that requires SSN/EIN

    What to do next, Should i Apply for many LLC's? Thanks in advance for any input
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    g()()gle: "your state" + "corporation commission"

    Cali will be most expensive to register and also maintain especially S-Corps which is what you will want for active income such as I.M.

    LLC's I use to hold property and general liability.

    When you start making money ask him interview style if I am making active income what's better for me --- he or she should almost ALWAYS say S-corp with a salary dividend split to avoid SE (self employement) tax.
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