how to create facebook accounts without getting banned

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    Jan 4, 2012
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    anyone can explain me please the process of creating fake facebook accounts.
    i got a huge list of emails : hotmails, yahoos, gmails.

    i want to create facebook accounts with those emails.
    earlier i tried with youtube but my accounts got mass banned , probably because i created 90% of them with same IP.

    i dont wanna do the same mistake again , its was very time consuming so anyone can guide me the best way to create facebook accounts without getting banned.
    i prefer creating them manually so they have more quality.

    so i need to know how many accounts should i create with the same IP
    what proxys should i use
    can i use online proxy websites like : aniscartujo , hidemyass , dumbdream etc etc

    thanks in advance :)
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    Give it up for every ten you create you might get lucky and have 1 account still good and that is with luck.
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    With FB and a lot of sites it will help if email is like [email protected], Name is Mike Jones and was born in 1985. Also if you go on as a guy it will have a better chance than a hot 22 y/o girl.

    If you look how a real person joins FB you go on, give your info (name, ph#, schools, jobs, # of sexual partners in the last year) etc. then they automatically suggest people you used to now. You add person here and there and they see you finally got into 2013 and others that you knew add you.

    So joining as a guy if you don't have friend requests pouring in is fine because you could be a loner or just going on there to creep on an ex or a girl. A 22 y.o girl JUST joining now... Suspicion off the bat. It's a little too late in the game for that. Also having a throwaway # is good too to verify. I know guys on here like the cheap SMS services but a $10 prepaid cell w/ some minutes you can use for other networking sites too. And using a prepaid cell to log in from a few times also makes it look legit.

    If you're looking for throwaway accounts just to [email protected], there's a thread on here somewhere where the accounts will be deleted in a few days. But in meantime they will have served purpose.

    EDIT: found post for you, it's over a year old but should work as dog-tag is stealth like.
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