How to create Amazon Affiliate site

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    how do I exactly build an Amazon Affiliate site?

    I have read some journeys and visit some affiliate sites and they're looking all same.

    One pillar article and a few review / best product articles.

    But my question is now:

    How is this site exactly build in WordPress?

    -Pillar article: This article is the biggest like 2k-Xk words and this article is on the root page like (is this article an page or post article on WordPress?)
    Does that article also contain all keywords and a few sentences about your other articles (reviews) like a small teaser to click the link to the review article?

    -Other article: Are the other articles like best product or product review post or pages in WordPress?

    -Which informations should be in an Pillar article and which in the other articles?
    Is there a small guide how to order them?