How to convince a company to offer an affiliate program

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    I apologize if this is in the wrong section, but "Sales Persuasion" seems to be the best place to put this thread.

    The niche that I have found and want to be a part of has very few affiliate programs, but there are a lot of companies that do not currently offer affiliate marketing. I think it's crazy that they don't offer affiliate marketing programs. It basically guarantees successful advertising or they don't have to pay money.:rolleyes: How do I convince a company that currently doesn't offer affiliate marketing to do affiliate marketing?

    I was thinking about just giving them the facts.

    1. No risk - No money upfront. It doesn't cost them anything until referred sales are made.
    2. They have the opportunity to gain new traffic and potential buyers to their site and catalog of products.
    3. I would show them my site.

    Are there any recommendations or tips that you would suggest?
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    I like to say that I've been successfully internet marketing for some time, specialize in affiliate marketing, and that their site would be perfect for affiliate marketing.

    Obviously not in these words, but that's some of the basic information I give them. I also try and give them a couple of ideas that would be great if implemented.
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    I would start giving them statistics and data, specifically the amount of traffic they are missing and the most effective way to convert sales. I would also provide them an idea on what their ROI would be if they invest on affiliate marketing.
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    Use testimonials. You really have to get into the psychology of why people buy. They do not buy for features, but for the benefits!!! Don't bore them with statistics, but talk about how much more money they can make. Ask alot of questions and try to figure out what their problems are in getting new business. Every company has this issue. What are the solutions you have for their business is your key here. It is going to take thought on your part and be prepared before you go into the conversation with them. Remember, you are not in the selling business, you are in the "problem solving" business! Here are a few great questions to ask to get into their head:
    Who exactly is your customer?
    Who buys your product and/or service now? (80/20 rule applies here)
    Who will be your future customers?
    What are the trends and future in your current market?
    What new markets might there be for your product or service?
    These are just a few to get your head spinning. Just remember you are a solution provider to their problem, which is most likely cash flow. "People do not like to be sold, they like to buy."