How to configure pixel to sell diferent item in same store!


Apr 16, 2018
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My question is:
I have to configure the pixel to sell multiple objects on the same store? or It is NOT necessary do anything?

If it is negative answer, this won't adulterate the pixel data?



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Aug 6, 2018
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It all depends if you're going for dynamic retargeting or not, and how many products you have. i would say up to 20-50 products can be done manually with SOME efficiency.

but its best to do it manually for a mono product with variations or for less than 5 products, to ease up scaling later.

If your'e NOT going for dynamic retargeting, setting up the pixel regularly will do. you will still need to implement code for specific events like Add to Cart, Form submissions etc. checkout and pageviews tracking should be auto, considering you track conversions with a thank you page.

You can than target people who visited specific pages, including your product page. This will hold true if you don't have many products because this should be done manually in this way (People who viewed a product page, create ad for them with the same product) This is better used for broader retargeting.

for example: people who saw SHOES in general was in category page, or browsed few products within it, will be retargeted with similar shoes, or upsells correlating to shoes, like cool laces.

If you do have many products, and do want to use dynamic retargeting, than you will need to create a catalog inside your Business Manager, and tweak it to show ads of your products dynamically.

Meaning people who visited your product will be retargeted with that exact same product, automatically.

There are also 3rd party tools to do this more effectively (help you test creatives, segment audiences, alongside the dynamic retargeting)