How to cold email 200 000 emails?

Jan 30, 2021
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go crazy b/c it's going to be short term churn and

You're going down a long rabbit hole with email servers and cold emailing. I've been optimizing my email server for over a year to scale successfully because there are not many resources on it. Yes, there are tutorials on building a server. But when trying to scale you run into scaling problems that you can't get from any tutorials online. My server is a mautic + mailwizz with postal as the sender. 2 VPS servers. Mautic is used for cold email marketing and once the campaign is sent. I send active subscribers to mailwizz for additional emails in the future. BUT YOU CANT SPAM. If you have a good-sized email list. Keep the campaigns to 2 months long. So your first email sent, he/she doesn't receive another email for 2 months. The lastest email campaign for me was a total of 27k emails, scaled up to 1000 a day, the beginning is slow. 50% open rate. Your leads have to be rock solid to not end up in spam. If you're getting a low open rate that's an easy sign for spam. I landed in inbox the whole campaign, so it was a success. But the leads are the hardest part to acquire for scaling. Start research cause I still think cold email marketing is a viable strategy. Email marketing is perfect for establishing connections and building up relationships. The bad news is from the looks of this post, I don't think you're going to have much luck. It sounds like this list is not highly targeted and won't get a high open-rate. Also, there is no landing in "inbox" 10% It's either you are in the clear or you're blacklisted. With cold email marketing your walking on eggshells the whole campaign, so the chances of running email lists long term without a high open rate makes the odds slim.
Hello Djent. I'm also in cold email/music. ;) here's my skype: storymadethisaccount


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Jul 8, 2021
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If I'm emailing a scraped cold email list from email domain 2 and trying to get them to opt into my email newsletter at domain 1, will it hurt domain 1's deliverability because they're being linked to in all these emails from domain 2?

In the end my goal is to increase subscribers to my email newsletter, then monetize with ad partners.


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Apr 21, 2019
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Got it. I’ll do some research there.

do you know if just have the link to domain 1 in those emails from domain 2 would hurt domain 1’s deliverability?
nobody can answer that.
the point is uniqueness and prints.
when you figure that out you can start automation.
simple but hard.


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Feb 27, 2019
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Cold Mail and Automation doesnt go hand in hand. People now can sense from miles an automatted email. Even tho you are landing inbox it would be very inefficeint you will likely to get endresults. I am personally doing getting an average response through mail is 30% and 1% into meeting.


Sep 13, 2021
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As far as I understand it, the best way to cold email that amount is to:

1. Get a domain, set up an email on that domain.

2. Link it to paid Gsuite account. Or do I use Gmass altogether? How does Gmonster fit into this?

3. Warmup the email account via incremantal numbers.

4. Use a warmup service on top of that.

5. Limit max emails after warmup to 200/day after warmup period.

6. Pray I don't get blocked by google.

7. Pray I get 10% inbox delivery.

Sounds about right or am I missing something?
Don't forget to also check the emails first and see if all of them are valid, that's the best way to avoid being banned by Google. Also, I would recommend that you do some kind of list segmentation, just to try to divide emails by some criteria, like gender, geo, and so on, as it will be easier for following metrics and maybe doing some A/B testing.