How to choose the best VPS for Traffic Exchange

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    Most serious traffic exchange user use a virtual server for their bots, but not all VPS server are equal in performance.

    There are about 4 popular VPS technologies:

    Virtuozzo: Virtuozzo is a proprietary operating system-level virtualization product produced by Parallels, Inc. Both windows and Linux. Parallels Virtuozzo Containers creates multiple isolated containers (also known as Virtual Environments (VEs), or Virtual Private Servers (VPSs)) on a single physical server. Parallels Virtuozzo Containers virtualizes at the operating system level, rather than the hardware level as other Virtual Machine (VM) products frequently do. This allows the sharing of hardware, systems management effort, and sometimes software licenses among different workloads. A container behaves in aspects as if it was a stand-alone server. But this is not the optimal vitalization technology for traffic exchange because the VPS vendor can over sell the machines and give you less optimal performance.

    OpenVZ: OpenVZ is container-based virtualization for Linux. OpenVZ creates multiple secure, isolated containers (also known as VEs or VPSs) on a single physical server enabling better server utilization and ensuring that applications do not conflict. Each container performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server; a container can be rebooted independently and have root access, users, IP addresses, memory, processes, files, applications, system libraries and configuration files. This technology is better suited for traffic exchange.

    Xen: Xen is a free software virtual machine for IA-32, x86-64, IA-64 and PowerPC 970 architectures. On most CPUs, Xen uses a form of virtualization known as paravirtualization, meaning that the guest operating system must be modified to use a special hypercall ABI instead of certain architectural features. Intel has contributed modifications to Xen to support their VT-x (formerly Vanderpool) architecture extensions. Similarly AMD has contributed support for their AMD-V extensions. Because of the Kernel modifications need it to run this is not recommended for traffic exchange.

    Microsoft Hyper-V: Microsoft Hyper-V which is a hypervisor-based technology that provides true Hardware Virtualization and High level of Isolation from other virtual machines on the physical server. With the use of this new virtualization technology, users no longer have to worry about having their services being affected by other resource intensive services running on the same box. This is the best choice for traffic exchange because of the great isolation this technology offers.

    When you use a VPS service you will be sharing the computer resources with all other users on the machine which is why is essential that your portion of the computer is not being affected by the other users. On Virtuozzo VPS services you may experience great performance and a total computer freeze at time, not the optimal scenario for live trading.

    After having tested many VPS technologies we highly recommend that you use only Hyper-V VPS host, the platform is very stable and the resources are always available. That leads to the best choice for running your bot.

    Below you have two images of a checker running on different types of VPS of technologies .

    On the first image we see how our Virtuozzo VPS fail for just a few seconds every other minute. That was probably cause by another user/users of the same node overloading the server and cause our bot to loose an accumulated 27 minutes on just one day.


    Are second server is using the Hyper-V tecnolotegy , it has the same amount of RAM and is connected to the same server on the same Broker. But the checker reports a totally different story, the connection is rock solid true out the day with only a small disconnection during rollover.


    This demonstrate how important is choosing the best VPS technology, so make sure you check it when you buy a VPS next time.
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    Great post, thanks for all the detailed info! Virtualization tech is definitely not the same and this is great proof. Food for thought, especially for those who push the limits of their virtual machine. ;)
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    A good guide for traffic exchange. Awesome.