How to check if affiliates will promote my product

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    Dear members.

    I am here to ask what is the best way to talk to affiliates and check what is their interest about a specific product.

    We run online classes on IT products. The problem I see at the moment is not only the fact that people have to simply buy and download a product, but it's also about scheduling the events to meet different needs like, hours of the day, timezone etc.

    I would like to hear from you. I am sure it will help me a lot.

    Kind Regards.
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    You can create a sign up form on your affiliates page

    this will be an optin list that you can communicate with.

    Some marketers use it to share updates on the product. Or release dates of future products so you don't have to attract affiliates all over again.

    You can schedule emails to go out automatically or any time you like.

    For you. You could use an opt in list to ask your affiliates what they like about the product etc. give a link to a contact form to collect their responses.

    You could also set up a private Facebook group just for affiliates. Invite them to join and hold your discussions there.

    Hope that helps a little.
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    Do the classes have to be shown live? Why don't you just record them; that way your members would be able to see them when it's convenient for them, and not have to worry about timezones etc...

    The benefit of online/distance learning is the convenience, and you'll be taking that away if you only show the webcasts at fixed times.

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