How to check if a domain is penalized? And a possible solution

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by waitier, Mar 19, 2014.

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    I made a terrible mistake. Due to the hype of EMD and the adsence niche site, I bought a bunch of EMD, but fail to check if it's a dropped domain and possible penalties applied. I never thought how stupid it was, and also how stupid google is to not realise i am a new owner and blah.

    Anyway so i did these few things:

    1. (it appears)
    2. WMT (no warning)
    3. search for a long phrase (does not appear)

    I then searched "check google penalty" and found a site, all the domain i bought were stated as "possibly penalized or sandboxed by google!" .. I did test a few other domain i came across that's close to mine, and they are green.

    If you have any other suggestions how to check for penalties, i would like to know.
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    If there's no warning in WMT the site probably isn't being 'punished'.. but as their algo shifts especially, you can move wildly between rankings that make no sense. I've had sites deindex for a couple weeks no warnings, then wham they're back.

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    There is actually no way to know for certain if there is a penalty and what that penalty might be.But still,we could use some tools and metrics to make assessment that this domain has been hit.You will get your rank back if you update your site on a consistent basis.Or try Creating backlinks with diverse anchors.Rearranging SERPs is not a penalty.If your domains are de-indexed. That's the only real penalty.