How to change forum to black text on white background?


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Dec 4, 2008
My eyes are struggling a bit with the bright yellow text on black.

Is there a way to change forum to black text on white background? I tried forum skins in options and both gave me the same kind of layout.

Any other possible way? Would appreciate knowing if there's a solution.

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Ah, I got it to work through Firefox. You can override a site's colors. I can read this forum now. What a relief. :)

From here if anyone else is struggling:

Some web sites may display text and background colors that are difficult to read, and other sites may rely on the browser's default colors. You can set your default colors by going to Tools/Options (or Preferences on Mac) and selecting the "Content" panel. In the "Fonts & Colors" section, click the "Colors..." button. Here you can set default text and background colors, as well as default colors for visited and unvisited hyperlinks. You can also specify whether hyperlinks should be underlined.

However, many web pages set their own colors, so your choices will have no effect. To override the colors defined by web pages, uncheck the "Allow pages to choose their own colors, instead of my selections above" option.
Just got rid of the black background, my eyes can now focus a lot better.
i tried it and it works........but it didnt match the classic BHW and yellow....

if i change the color,it feels like that i am viewing some other ordinary site.....but BHW is not another ordinary is a wonderful site.....that made many people to earn their first online money and still making.......:)

BHW rocks......:You_Rock_:
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