Dec 8, 2019
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Hi Friend, I tried to buy the hosting and domain for Movie Streaming Website. But, this is my Exact problem right now, I tried to buy BTC via localbitcoins.com, but the traders ask my own original id verification for Selling and Buying BTC or Exchange... but I decided to buy the verified LocalBitcoins account (others id verified account, not mine) from the BHW marketplace, but now also, traders ask my own id for verification, it's safe to give my original id to traders... it's traceable in the future from (DMCA and Court and Law authorities, can trace the transaction (who is the sender and receiver)...? and it's safe (give my own id for traders (Buyers and Sellers) (not ask localbitcoins.com) verification)...?

if it's not traceable, then I go with this BTC method... otherwise, i go with Stealth Paypal with ID-verified account?

if you recommend Paypal... which one is best for a big amount receiving in future without limited issues (Own Paypal or Stealth Paypal (with Fully Verified the USA, UK accounts)... or need BTC...?

and also How do you get your Movie Streaming and other illegal or pirated stuff, ad earning Payment.... via what type of BTC account to withdraw your money in your bank. (with own id verification BTC account or Without id verification BTC account or used BTC to other currency mixing method or own Paypal or Stealth PP to Bank)...?

**traders ask like this, see in ("Terms of trade with ***)
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