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[How to] buy linkservices that 100% work ...Guaranteed!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Scipio00, May 31, 2011.

  1. Scipio00

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    Dec 4, 2010
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    ... and get the other ones for free! I guarantee you that this technique works!

    It´s quite simple and has nothing to do with Blackhat!

    1.) Think about which possible kind of backlinksservices are possible.
    I just make the start:
    -high PR blogcomments
    -low PR blog comments
    -high PR forum profiles
    -low pr forum profiles
    -high PR blognetworks
    -mass article submissions
    -web 2.0 that gets spammed from other links
    -edu/gov backlinks
    Time investment: max. 10 minutes

    2. Search for Services that offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren´t happy with the results. I recommend for that the biggest Internet Marketing Forum. Choose one service for each kind of backlink.
    Time investment: 20 minutes

    3. order for each of your websites one service with 100% money back guarantee. Don´t do that with sites that aren´t ranking and where you don´t are able to see if the service works. Also keep in mind that some services need more time to work, some less.
    For example Forumprofiles need much time to work, blogcomments need lesss. If the service offers only 30 days, their problem. Make the decision after 20 days.

    4. Check your serps.
    If you didn´t improfed well, take the refund!
    In your e-mail write them that your keyword ranked before the serivce on place X and after on place Y and that this isn´t enough for you. you would like to receive your money back. Many of them write you back with questions because they hope that you forget to answer. Don´t do that.

    Additional: Write every ordertime into an excelsheet and don´t forget the refund!!! Most scamservices live from people to forget to take the Refund or have a bad feeling if they do - no matter if the service was good or bad.

    If you feel a bad feeling, try to reflect it. Why are you feeling so? Do you want to feel this way? Did you have done anything bad?

    Pay in the same currency or ~4% of your Refund money becomes lost.
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