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[How To] Build your own TUBE site like pornhub in 5 easy steps

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Boriss, Apr 3, 2016.

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    Note: Found this on pastebin.com - I didn't write it. Maybe someone finds it useful.

    Part 1:

    How to build your own TUBE site like pornhub in 5 easy steps
    Never put all your eggs in one basket. I am sure you heard that one before and diversification is now more important then ever.
    We all noticed the ever rising costs of traffic, the daily influx of new affiliate marketers and all the dying networks around us. Affiliate marketing is like a warzone ? only the strongest will survive!

    If you want to be on top of the game in 2013, you should:

    - grow your own traffic sources
- build your own offers
- have your own affiliates

    Traffic sources are getting more competitive and it certainly wont get easier in 2013. If your business is always running at the mercy of other people you will never have any kind security and sustainability. TrafficJunky or Exoclick could be gone tomorrow and your entire business would be wiped out. Are you prepared to take a hit like that? Think ahead and always have a plan B. Lets start with traffic sources?

    How would you grow your own traffic sources? Where is all the traffic? What kind of sites are getting all the traffic these days?
    These days the answer is easier then ever. Just take a look at the alexa top 100 sites and you will quickly realize that most of the traffic goes to youtube and youporn type of sites.
    Those so called tube sites usually have a great user experience and even not so internet savvy people can enjoy them. Their insane amount of content will please almost anybody and will also result in a ton of page views. On top of that, most tube sites are based on user submitted content, so you don?t have to do all the work by yourself.
    There isn?t any easier way to build a huge traffic base on your own.
Tube sites can be build in a matter of hours, since scripts are widely available and even pre-made designs can be bought. You can build your own ?funny-? video kind of site or build a straight up porn site ? just do what ever fits your business model best. Content can be bought or scraped ? just make sure you always stay fully compliant with the law

    Build your tube site in 5 easy steps:

    1. Grab a domain and hosting (I recommend a cheap dedicated server to start from Amerinoc ? best support in the business!)

2. Choose a tube script. Personally I prefer MechBunny but if you are just starting out you can find cheaper scripts out there. TubeX goes for as cheap as $25 so you don?t risk too much money in the beginning.

    3. Skin your tube site. Hire a designer to build a proper skin for your site. You don?t want to have the default design like everyone else 

    4. Content is the bread and butter of any tube site. You can either purchase it, scrape it or find a way to motivate your users to submit it. It?s a bit of a catch22 since no content means no users and no users means no content, but I am sure you will figure that one out ☺

5. Once your site is ready, purchase some feeder traffic from places like PlugRush to kickstart your site! Feeder traffic can be bought for as cheap as $1,50 per 1000 uniques. Purchase 200-300k and you are good to go.
    Voila, you just build your first tube site! It wasn?t that hard, was it?

    Now that you have your own traffic source you can start monetizing it. A great way to run your own ads is to use OpenX to target your ads by GEO.

    If you build a porn tube or some fail-video type of tube is up to you. Just do what ever you are most comfortable with and what suits your business best.

    Part 2:
    Lets say you have the technical aspects of your site setup. The script is running, you have a fancy design and you are ready to load it up with content and get going.
    You could either invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into content and hope for the best or you could sign up to a bunch of partner programs and use the videos they provide you to promote their sites.
    It's free, its good content and you are able to make a few sales from it.

    Here is a huge database of sponsor clips for your tube site: http://www.signbucks.com/tube-clips/list

    You will also find tons of affiliate programs that will provide you with content for your site.
    Most will expect a banner to their paysite under the video but that's the least you can do.
    A good and legal way to get decent content is to contact your affiliate manager and ask for members area access. Then you just download some of their members area videos, cut them down to 5-7 mins (depending on their requirements - talk to them first!) and you upload those to your tube site. If you do it this way, your content will be more unique and higher quality then your competitors.
    99% of the people reading this will just download the whole database from signbucks now, but the 1% who actually reaches out to affiliate programs will end up with higher quality content.

    Once you have your content imported, you either hire a professional writer or you rewrite all your titles and descriptions by yourself. When i did it myself i just did that between campaign approvals or while i was waiting for my dev team etc. There are always 20-30 mins you can spare to write some titles and description. It's pretty mind numbing and can be hard to write the 500's description for 'Karen sucks a big black cock' but you'll get used to it. Search engines love tubesites and the more unique and optimized your site is, the more search engine traffic it will attract.

    SE-Traffic is great, course its free and its usually of higher quality, but if you purely relay on se-traffic your site might stagnate for a while. So what can you do?

    3 options now:

    a) You buy cheap feeder traffic and hope it sticks
    b) You start traffic trades
    c) You build your own feeder sites

    a) Places like plugrush, trafficholder, chockertraffic, fpctraffic, avatraffic, trafficshop (see the traffic sources thread for more), sell all kinds of skim traffic for a penny on the dollar. 1000 uniques for $2-3 tops. If you go this route, you want to have google analytics setup on your tube site. Purchase a 100k sample of feeder traffic and look at the productivity of the traffic in google analytics. Once the traffic stops, you analyze your stats and weed out the sites with low productivity. On your next traffic purchase, you filter those sites out and rinse and repeat until you have enough bookmarkers and returning vistors to sustain a certain traffic level.

    b) Install a traffic trading script like http://www.scriptpulse.com/ - What it does is basically skim users from your site to other sites and other sites will do the same. You will have to find trade partners but thats pretty easy. Just look at contact form of some smaller tubes and you will notice that most of them trade traffic. Ever click on a video thumbnail and got redirected to another site? Thats what traffic trading is all about. It all boils down to productivity. So keep an eye on your trades and make sure you dont get scammed with hit bot traffic.

    c) You can build your own feeder network. How to do it? Extremely simple! Build a bunch of CJ (circle jerk) sites - probably 5 or 6 to start out, buy a bunch of feeder traffic and have them trade traffic between each other.http://mechbunny.com/porn-tube-search-script.php is a good script for that. Combine that with a traffic trader script like script pulse and you are all set. Once your traffic starts circulating in your feeder network, you start trading with more external sites and skim a certain percentage of your traffic to your main tube site and grow it that way.

    If you buy traffic for your tube - dont just go out and buy anything. Analyze the source, make sure the thumb sizes matches your and in a perfect scenario you'd buy from sites that are of lower quality then your own. Remember those TGP's and MGP's sites? Just a bunch of thumbs and maybe a 30sec video clip? Those sites are dying out but their visitors will love a tube site with an easy user interface, great content and lots of variety to jerk off to.
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