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How to Build Backlinks in Post Panda and Penguin World

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by anilpendu, Nov 10, 2012.

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    Link Building Strategies That Work
    How to Build Backlinks in Post Panda and Penguin World

    Everybody has heard about new Google algorithm updates and how difficult it is for webmasters to promote their websites and as a result
    to earn money online. I am not going to talk about how to re-gain positions in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). I am planning to
    release another report soon, which will provide you with exact steps on how to improve your website?s ranking if it was penalized.
    One of the steps in this process is a proper link building strategy you should follow.
    I see today more and more people are talking about content only and its importance for good position of your website. I totally agree with
    this and content is the KING! But there is a small ?BUT? there. Imagine that there are two similar websites with superb quality content,
    targeting the same keywords. How Google or any other search engine can decide, which of those sites should go first in SERP? (We assume
    that both of those websites have the same domain age, no issues with hosting speed etc.) I believe you can guess the answer here ?
    BACKLINKS. You can think about backlinks as about recommendations, given by other people for a website.
    In the real life you would rather use services, which were recommended to you by somebody who has trust rather than by
    somebody dodgy, would not you? The same is true for backlinks pointing to your website.
    It is difficult to cover all details of a proper link building in a short report, but I will try to describe methods we use in my company to
    promote our own as well as our clients? websites.
    You probably have heard about most of link building methods listed below, but I am really surprized that most of internet marketers fail to
    utilize them properly.
    Article Marketing
    I believe that most of people reading this report know what it is. For those who do not know this yet, it is a process of submitting unique
    articles to article directories. I would like to emphasize word ?UNIQUE? here as this makes your article more valuable in the eyes of Google
    and will help you to avoid penalties.
    You might ask, ?But my articles are going to be republished on other websites, which will make my articles not unique. What is going to
    happen then??. This is true and the purpose of article marketing is to make other websites to republish you articles, so more backlinks from
    them are pointing to your website. Please remember that articles on most famous article directories are crawled by search engine spiders almost immediately, so by the time they are reused somewhere else search engines already know that the original article was published at the particular article directory.
    There is also a requirement for republished articles to have your original links in them in addition with a link to the original article. This brings more weight to your article and to backlinks pointing from it to your website.
    There are a lot of tools, which allow you to submit your articles to multiple directories, but I would not recommend anyone to use those tools to post articles with backlinks to your money pages. Use them for your second or even third tier of backlinks.
    I am going to stop here and will advise those of you who are not familiar with article marketing to search for it online as there is plenty of information out there.

    Guest Posting
    This is a process of posting your articles on authority websites and blogs in your niche. It sounds simple, but it is really hard work to find authority websites, which would agree to publish your article. The key here is ?AUTHORITY WEBSITES?! I own a lot of websites and among them I have quite a few auto blogs,with a content coming from different sources. Those blogs do not have any authority whatsoever and I am surprised that I keep receiving a lot of requests for guest posting on those websites. Unless you have a dedicated person who manages this process for you, I would dvise you not to waste your time contacting these low quality websites to get backlinks from them. Spend more time on finding real authority
    websites to publish your content on. Again, this is not easy, but if successful, it will worth it.If you still want to have your content posted on multiple blogs, you can use Unique Article Wizard (UAW), which will post your article to hundreds of websites and article directories. I personally use it, but
    only for my second and third levels of backlinks. I used to use it to link directly to my money websites, but not anymore. It does not mean that
    it is not working any more. I simply prefer to have higher authority links on my first level of backlinks. But it works well for micro websites
    and I see a lot of people use it for marketing of local businesses too.

    Blog Commenting
    From the title you should understand what it means. It is a process of finding blogs in your niche or related niches, then visiting and leaving comments to blog posts published on those websites. As a part of this process you will be leaving a backlink to your site.I personally stopped using it, but it can still be used to get great backlinks from authority websites. If you decide to do it, then spend time on finding real authority websites in your niche and post relevant comments there.Do not use any software like Scrapebox for it, especially to link directly to your main site. If you still want to use it, then use it carefully for the second or even third level of backlinks. It also takes time to run those tools, so I would advise you to use Fiverr or other places to find services for it.

    Forum Profiles
    This is a process when you visit multiple forums and register accounts there. Once account has been registered on a particular forum, you will go to your profile and edit it, so it has your backlink in it. Usually you can have this link either in a ?bio? or ?web page? field in your profile.I do not use it and do not recommend anyone to use this strategy for link building. Google has devalued these backlinks, because of a lot of abuse. It is fine to add your website to profiles, which you are actively using, but do not waste your time on spamming other forums with your fake profiles to gain low quality backlinks.

    Web 2.0 Properties
    Web 2.0 websites are sites with high PageRank and authority, where users can create accounts and publish their content. Some websites allow you to publish simple articles and others allow you to have your own blog hosted there. This strategy is very efficient if implemented correctly. Quite often internet marketers use Web 2.0 websites just for profile backlinks. What it means is that they register accounts on Web 2.0 websites and
    only update their profile to incorporate a text link to their website within e.g. their bio field. This is OK, but it does not bring a lot of link juice hence they bring low value to your site.I encourage you to use Web 2.0 websites to create proper backlinks. This does not mean that you have to ignore profiles in your Web 2.0 accounts. You still have to update them to have backlinks to your pages. What I really mean here is that you need to publish content on them with contextual backlinks in it. You can use these types of backlinks on any level of you backlinks hierarchy.I use Web 2.0 roperties to get backlinks to my money websites, to promote other Web 2.0 properties, for backlinks to my articles,published in article directories etc.

    Social Bookmarks
    Social bookmarks are websites, which allow users to bookmark and share links to websites they are interested in. So, when you bookmark a webpage from your site, you are getting a backlink to it from a social bookmark website. These types of backlinks used to work great, but today they do not bring much value in terms of link juice. It is still worth using them as they help to index new pages on your websites, Web 2.0 properties, etc. They can also bring some traffic to your site.I still use social bookmarking occasionally, but not too much anymore.
    If I want to bookmark e.g. my Web 2.0 property, I use social bookmarking services from Fiverr as it helps to save a lot of time. You
    can buy software to do it for you, but it still takes a lot of time, so I prefer to outsource this process to somebody else.

    Paid Backlinks
    This is a very interesting topic. There are two groups of people there.First group is saying big NO to paid backlinks. I believe that this group contains the majority of internet marketers and SEO specialists out there. They believe that you can be banned by Google for doing this. I personally ompletely disagree with this opinion. If your website is bad and you use low quality backlinks, then this is the reason for ban of your website. If paid backlinks could cause real damage to your website, then it would be so easy to get rid of your competition. You could simply go and buy a lot of cheap low quality backlinks to remove your competitors from the first page of Google. But this does not work this way.Second group and I belong to it, use paid backlinks to get high quality backlinks to their websites to rank higher than their competition. They do not afraid to buy backlinks and they understand that time is money and that they can pay for great authority backlinks and save time to expand their business.I buy backlinks from high quality websites to promote my own websites and websites of my clients. I am really proud to say that none of these websites have ever been banned or penalized. You can gain real backlinks from websites with PageRank of up to PR9 .Single text link from such website can boost ranking of any website dramatically. I do not really know where else you can easily get backlinks from PR7-PR9 webpages.There are several main things to look for when you buy backlinks.
    First thing look at is the authority and rank of a website you are getting backlinks from. Try to buy several very high authority backlinks and mix them with lower authority websites, so you do not have only high authority backlinks, which will look very suspicious. Also, keep those backlinks for at least several months as, after all recent Google updates, it takes at least 3-5 weeks for it to update your ranking properly.Try to use more site wide and contextual backlinks as they will bring the most link juice to your website and proved to be the most efficient backlinks since Panda and Penguin.Get links from pages in the same or related niche to your website. It is very important to have backlinks from relevant websites. This is
    actually the main factor for ranking high in SERP. If your main goal is to increase PR (PageRank), then simply buy the cheapest links with high PR to do this. For example, to gain PR3, you would need to buy two or three backlinks from webpages with PageRank equal to 3.Please note that this is estimation, based on my experience, and sometimes you might need a little bit more links for it. Of cause I would advise you not to use links from adult and other suspicious niches unless you are in those niches yourself. Lastly, do not use it as the only method in your link building process.
    Mix it with other types of backlinks, mentioned above.
    I decided not to write a summary, which repeats what is said above,
    but will actually show you my link building structure.
    First Tier
    - High and Medium authority paid links
    - Article Directories
    - Web 2.0 properties
    - Link Exchange (I did not mention this before, but you should
    know what it means. And I do not use reciprocal link exchange)
    Second Tier
    - Medium and low authority paid backlinks to Web 2.0 properties
    - Web 2.0 properties
    - Article Directories, including lower quality ones (can use
    automation tools for it)
    - Unique Article Wizard (UAW)
    - Bookmarks
    Third Tier (I do not use this level very often)
    - UAW
    - Lower quality article directories (can use automation tools for it)
    - Web 2.0 properties and profiles
    - Automated blog commenting
    - Automated profiles creation
    As I said above, this has proven to be very efficient method for link building today. If you follow this report and start using methods,mentioned above, you will see that ranking of your website will start improving in a short period of time.I would also like to add that you should use a ombination of different backlinks in your strategy.
    As an example you can start with the following routine during a week:
    Day 1: Create a Squidoo lens
    Day 2: Create and submit an article to EzineArticles
    Day 3: Create a blog on Wordpress
    Day 4: Create an article with links to what was created above and
    submit to UAW
    Day 5: Create any Web 2.0 property to promote something, created in Even though paid links are included in my link building strategy, I did not mention them here as usually it is not a regular routine and people buy backlinks in big chunks. I would advise you to add 1-5 links every week for a month and if this works to add more links later.
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    Wow, long TS u post...:D
    in link building, just use trust backlink from website that have a real PR and visitor...
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    Link building is tedious. Persistence is the key to success a SEO game in the Panda and Penguin algorithms.
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    In short do it manually. Not using software.