How to build authority to a blog network in the safest possible way

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    Dec 1, 2013
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    Hey guys, I am new to this blog network lark, I have had around 12 built for me and at the moment I have not linked it to my money site, because A Money site is actually doing quiet well (first page of Google 1-3 for 30+ keywords) and B the blog network
    doesn't have much authority so really scared to use it. Some of you are probably thinking if you are doing so well why have you built the network. well the answer to this is I had a site that was sitting on page 1 off Google for around 4 years drop to page 5 in May. This was very costly, adwords was costing a fortune, so got the new site built which wasn't cheap either. I do not want to go down this route again, it almost cost me my business. I will not be letting any SEO people any where near the money site ever again!!

    Now I don't know if my rankings are temporary (been there since October) and I do not want to live in ignorant bliss, so how would you go about creating authority to the blog network. Some people have suggested that I build Web 2.0 property then build back links to increase DA/ Page rank to these and link to the blog network from the Web 2.0 they say it adds an extra layer. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
    Thanks for your time:)