How to build and make money from your email list cleverly

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    This may be basic information for the PRO's but I do see a lot of people not sure what path to take when starting out, this will be very helpful for newbies that want to start making money as an affiliate. I will steer you in the right direction.

    Building a genuine email list will be the best thing you ever do,
    your email list is your list forever. Find a niche you like and start building that list, even if your list growing speed is slow keep going because your list can only get bigger as you keep going and eventually you will be rewarded.

    How to build a list?

    Lets use Affiliate niche in this example...

    Create landing pages, using Leadpages or Instapage which have 30 day trail, very easy drag and drop

    Lets say I want to affiliate with Instapage and sell this product... Which is good as offers recurring commissions.

    I will head over to fiverr and buy whiteboard explainer video to put on my landing page, I will pay anything from $50 - $100, (well worth it) so my explainer video has a high converting page for collecting emails.

    In this example I would send a script to the seller to make the video... along these lines...

    how to make money as an affiliate, I will show you how to make email grabbing landing pages that convert like crazy, build an email list in any niche and make money on a monthly basis from your list.. free video inside that explains every and all the tools needed to succeed.

    etc etc, I put more thought into my video and longer scripts, but that's just to show you the idea of what I mean.

    Now you have landing page setup with explainer video, that explains what your offering to the visitor for free, what about the info on the inside after visitors has gave you their email address?

    I suggest making this inside video yourself or you can pay someone of fiverr but they will ask for lot of money due to length of video. Making it yourself is not that bad they have already gave them their email address, you can just make a video that records what your doing on the computer and talk as you walk them through online showing them what to do.

    So when making this video right list of areas to cover in the video this will help alot.

    So in this case as we're using affiliate niche as an example, the video will show the viewer how to setup Instapage, create the landing page and buy a explainer from fiverr to put on your landing page and setup a video inside (just like this one Im explaining, but that's because we're using affiliate niche as example, but this works with any niche)

    In the video tell the viewer to setup Aweber account for collecting subscribers. Your affiliate links for Instapage and Aweber will be on your page under the video and you have sold 2 products that offer recurring commissions, the better you sell this idea or show them different angles to use these products the longer they will stay signed up to these company making you commissions every month, and you have their email address for future affiliate sales and you have built some trust from the start with your subscribers. WIN WIN WIN

    Build a relationship with your list by sending free helpful info, don't ever send crap or spam them as you want to grow your list and keep your subscribers happy. If you have a strong relationship they will trust you and always open your emails and when you do go to offer a product with your affiliate link they will trust what you have put in front of them.

    Again with your subscribers when you want to sell a product show them how to use it to their advantage build them up to sale, so send a series of emails over 7 days or longer building up their interest, you will see high conversions if you come across very helpful to them.

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    It depends on country of the person.. Mostly people use email list to send malware files and hack your mails. If you have a vast amount emails, you can promote health related clickbank products.