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How to block Google API and Fonts from tracking you

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by bartosimpsonio, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. bartosimpsonio

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    Mar 21, 2013
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    Ghostery doesn't seem to think that the "free" javascript libraries provided by Google are there to track you. So the googleapis.com is not blacklisted.... How do you keep Google from tracking you even if you block analytics, adsense, maps, etc, etc, etc? Here's a simple trick I use.

    1 - Point ajax.googleapis.com and fonts.googleapis.com to via the hosts file

    2 - Start a local instance of Apache server and create two namevirtualhost's named ajax.googleapis.com and fonts.googleapis.com

    3 - Copy the libraries to the correct directories.

    Copy jQuery to /ajax/libs/jquery/1.10.1/jquery.min.js
    Copy angular to /ajax/libs/angularjs/1.0.7/angular.min.js

    And so on.... get all the correct paths here: https://developers.google.com/speed/libraries/devguide

    EXTRA BENEFIT: THESE LIBS LOAD EXTRA FAST FROM YOUR LOCAL DRIVE. You can do this for any static resource that loads off third party and CDN hosts, just create a local copy and profit.

    4 - For the fonts...just leave them blocked. Black Hats' don't need no slow bloated loadable fonts.
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  2. Moosey

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    Dec 5, 2011
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    Heh, this is very clever, thanks for the great share.