How To Better Twitter Statistics?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by back2black, Aug 3, 2010.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Inspired by fellow members of this forum, for the past month Ive been focusing my efforts on twitter, in order to drive traffic to my blog. I appreciate there are many threads on the topic, but I was just hoping I could get some other minds on my stats and experiences to maybe refine the process...

    So the process essentially is - create twitter accounts, follow targeted people in the hope they follow you back, promote your link/money site.

    The percentage of follow back I get is around 20% - in your experience would you say that is good or bad?

    Also, I seem to get the best results on the accounts which I actively twitter on (which makes sense). So a few of the accounts I regularly go in throughout the day, and post, and also retweet others and actively reply. On others I cant do this because I dont get the time.

    So how are the pro's managing this? How do you make an account look real, but at the same time, follow as many people as you can? Software aside, whats the principle you are following?

    i.e. I have 6 accounts, I am only following 50 people per account per day to avoid banning - this means per day I follow 300 people. In 7 days thats 2100 people. With a 20% follow-back rate that means every week I get about 420 targetted followers.

    Now Im sure there are people here who can get that in a single day and more (cant remember the name of the executive vip on this forum, but he/she posted they make 5k daily on twitter so their stats must be more efficient than mine!).

    I guess what Im really asking to the pro's is - how can I better my stats, without sacrificing the quality of my twitter accounts, and the quality of my tweeting (I cant actively tweet on 500 accounts, but automating tweeting reduces the quality of the tweeting). Or am I being too white hat about this now?

    Any thoughts?