How To Best "Sell Myself" on oDesk

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    I've recently decided to apply over on odesk for any type of VA/Customer Support/Help Desk positions, but according to their suggestions, it seems that to really get some serious inquiries, it's to your best interest to list specific jobs you've done and how your job function(s) added value to the project, as well as listing job URL's?.

    Which makes sense, except:

    • The last job I did was mainly data entry for an online kids site the company was putting together and the URL isn't public?as of yet.

    • This is my first foray into getting any type of VA/Data Entry/Customer Support job online, thus I don't have any recent jobs that I could list to showcase my abilities. All I have is pretty much your everyday type of resume.
    My background consists of the following types of jobs over the last 10+ years:

    • Major Online Trading Company (Silicon Valley) ~ opening new trading accounts, ensuring the customer's accounts were funded properly and had the specific trading options enabled. LOTS of Data Entry?would open/fund between 80 and 100 accounts per day.

    • Major Certificate Authority (Silicon Valley) ~ worked as a technical support rep for a total of 6+ years. Job was mostly helping customers with their online enrollments for SSL/Email certificates. Walking customers through the installation of their certificates and configuring their web server(s) for SSL, as well as email clients for S/MIME. Handled anywhere from 50 to 75 calls per day, as well as about 30+/- emails and about 10-15 chats daily.

    • Small Email Marketing Company (Sacramento) ? Worked as customer support rep, assisting customers with coordinating their email marketing campaigns. Walking them through how to use the HTML editor for creating their newsletters, email campaigns, etc., etc., also assisted customers in creating SPF records at the DNS level for ensuring proper deliver-ability. Was there for about 6 months before the friends I was living started using me as their personal ATM and constantly asking for money, so I bolted and left for Arizona, hoping to get a job at GoDaddy but that didn't turn out as I had hoped!

    • Since December 10', I've been trying my hand at offline SEO but no takers yet here in my small town of less then 4,000, so I'm desperate to get any kind of income coming in.

    I've been at IM'ing now for a few years, but because of no real steady roof over my head for the last few years, getting things accomplished was pretty much difficult.


    Now that I've got a regular roof over my head, I now find myself with no income. I got desperate for a job late last year that I took a P/T job as a dishwasher but that jog only lasted about 3 months.

    So, now I'm thinking about giving oDesk a try and see what type of work I could find, so if anyone's got some suggestions on how I could showcase my work-history/talents in a way that would improve my selection?aka 'getting hired', I'd sure as hell would appreciate it!