How to best monetarize 1000+ cheeseburgers

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by flycr, May 22, 2009.

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    I got some money to spend so I've had this funny idea of going to McDonalds and ordering 1000 cheeseburgers just for the fun of it and seeing their employees faces when done that :p

    But as marketeers we are, why not utilize it for money making aswell. Lets face it, I'm not gonna eat 1000 cheeseburgers before they get cold.

    Now what would be fun to hear is how would you utilize these 1000 cheeseburgers to make the most money of them. Hell, we're so used to ROI and spending some cash to make more that obviously there are some nice and fun ideas to make money from a 1euro cheeseburger. So giving them on the street for free or similar, and including something to monetarize it -- what would that be.

    if this would be in internet, you'd only give them 1/4 of the burger and got affiliate money when the fatty ones go order more ;)
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    You could put out fliers around your town in the time leading up to this event, get people to fill out a email or address submit (that pays more than 1 euro) to get their coupon for a free cheeseburger on whatever date you choose, and then just work it out with McDonald's in advance that you'll pay for every one of the vouchers that are brought in that day. You'd want to work out the specifics to avoid being scammed and such, but it would make sense. The only downfall is you wouldn't get the look for the cooks when you order 1000 cheeseburgers at once. Sadly though, I don't think they'd be able to accommodate that anyways.

    Anyways, that doesn't really sound like a half bad idea, honestly. Not only can you get a little bit of notoriety around town as the guy who gave away 1000 cheeseburgers, but you also can make some profit off of the submits.
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    Let me help you.
    Organise a food game in the mac!
    The person that eats most cheeseburgers gets a price.
    They need to pay an entry fee.
    Try to get some persons, and let them eat.
    Might get like 200 burgers, but they will still be like wtf?? :p