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How to become Youtube famous? My path to a successful YT account

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by Kevin Jon, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Kevin Jon

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    May 8, 2017
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    Management consulting
    Berlin, Germany
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    Dear BH Members,

    I want to take you with me on my path to building a successful YT account centered around the topics: motivation/productivity and providing real value to viewers and subscribers on a regular basis.

    My background:

    I am working as a management consultant at a top-tier consulting firm in Germany. As you probably already guessed correctly, I do work a lot. 70h per week are a good average. Sometimes more. Sometimes less.
    I lift weight and try to constantly develop my physique.
    I have a girlfriend that requires attention.

    That being said, I need to be f-ing efficient when doing things on the side (e.g. building a successful Youtube account)!

    What you will read:

    I had a Youtube Partner Account 6 years ago (focusing on beauty/guru topics) - thus I am familiar with the Youtube basics and fundamentals.
    Nevertheless, success is not easily replicable and my newly created account offers exciting challenges:
    - How to define what I (Kevin Jon) stand for?
    - How to design my content strategy?
    - What are adequate marketing strategies? What were the results?

    In essence: How to provide the most value for my account's subscribers (and yours if you are interested!).

    Important: I do not aim for making money with the channel. I aim for creating real value for viewers and thus gaining a substantial following (which, in today's world, I consider to be an asset by itself!).

    Let's hold the vision and trust the process.
    Let's see how far we will get.

    Love you,
    Kevin Jon
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