How to became a site editor?

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    Web site editor, designer and builder of the site's content, collection, sorting, editing, review, and then through the network to the worldwide Internet users to publish information through the network, and through the network to receive feedback from Internet users there to interact. New competitive based on years of experience tells us that the network editor is the use of relevant expertise and the computer and the Internet and other modern information technology, personnel engaged in the construction of Internet site content, site editor of four characteristics: the hypertext links-style editing, full of editing, database editing, interactive editing.
    Web content can be divided into the following three
    1, the original article
    How do we define what the article is original, as long as the content is more than 80, do not imitate the (artificial definition), search engine, but with a condition, the contents of the first to write% should be included.
    2, the pseudo-original articles
    Is a pseudo-original articles, human-edited article, be understood as information and data collection to keep crude refined, and then into their own views and ideas, and then click the resource management issues, and revised the paragraph to "; cottage to describe might call pseudo-original articles easier to understand, because the pseudo-very similar to the original articles and original content are similar. So-called pseudo-original, as the name implies, is an "original" re-processing changes, so the article search engine article is the original article of the original article, "imitation", so in order to improve opportunities for the index, thereby improving The weight of the site.
    3, a copy of the article
    These terms and conditions a copy of the collection is different, copy paper by artificial selection of articles, no matter what collection of items to take over production. When we understand the content of the site, the site editor may have a general understanding, so that you understand the daily work of your website content editing.
    Editorial evaluation index reference site
    1, the number of site updates
    Two of the quality of the article (referring to the original proportion of pseudo-original articles copied) written, the more the better, but the original article
    Writing according to the standard search engine optimization, article keyword ranking can be used as a reference.
    4, the contents of the error rate, such as duplicate content upload typos too many articles, the article does not smooth the statement, and so on.
    5, the site contains the article ranked and the number of articles of other sites
    Can administer the site editor will affect the quality of your site's content, the essence of SEO is for customers to create valuable content, so the site can be developed. More detailed management, you can edit the files of the views of the site.
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    I didn't know about it. thanks for informing it dude. its interesting.