How To Be Successful and GET THINGS DONE DAMMIT!!!

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    Hey guys, Ive only been a member for a few weeks but Ive been a long time lurker. Ive learned so much on this site in the past few weeks..more than Ive learned in the past few yrs selling online. Im no Black Hat Pro but I feel I need to give back at what I am good at naturally. That is how to take action on things, staying motivated and most importantly getting things done rather than just talking about them. So here is my first contribution post. I've noticed a lot of people talking about having difficulties taking action and deciding on one thing to do. So I decided to spill my thoughts...

    First of all, Im not here to give you a bunch of Tony Robbins/The Secret over hyped motivational BS with a topping of big ass words and fluff. Im here to tell you like it is. This is how I have come to understand goals and actually achieving them in life. I am not a millionaire yet, nor am I an internet marketing guru. But I am on the path to being a millionaire and who knows, maybe a guru someday too. But right now Im just a normal guy just like you who desires financial freedom and the freedom to be my own boss and not be an employee my whole life. (Damn the word employeeeee makes me want to throw the fuck up).

    Anyways..on with it.

    A lot of people talk about success but they never do anything to achieve it. A lot of people dream about success but they never let it out and let it grow to more than just a thought and something bigger.

    Anyone can talk and anyone can dream. Unfortunately, not everyone takes action on their dreams or their big words. If you're reading this, you most likely have enough knowledge and potential power within you to be everything you've ever wanted to be in life. You just dont realize it. You're good at something. Everyone is. And if you're one of those people who knows a WHOLE lot about something and you are not successful yet, but yet you dream about success...You are falling into the trap of becoming a "dreamer". You need to become a doer.

    What you need to do is learn how to do the following:

    1. Look within yourself and really think about what you want to accomplish in life. Think about the way you want your life to be. Remember it frequently. Watch videos, looks at pictures of your ideal life whenever your are feeling unmotivated or just plain lazy. I like to watch youtube videos of things that I want to own in life (cars etc.)

    2. Find out what your good at and what your passionate about. If you're lucky, you're good at your passion. If not, then get good or hire someone to do the part you're not good at.

    3. Figure out how you can make huge amounts of money doing this while providing value to your customers. Just start jotting down some ideas no matter what they are. Do this daily. Keep a notepad with you wherever you go and just jot down ideas as they rush into your head. Once one comes more and more and more will follow.

    4. Choose 1-3 ideas and make a BRIEF plan on how you will go about starting to do this. Being brief is important here. Most of us get caught in the planning phase of things and never actually take action. We are always in planning and procrastination mode. Stop thinking about the freaking fine little details. Get a broad picture and take little steps towards your goal based on your "overall picture". The fine detailed steps will reveal themselves to you when its time. Trust me on this. Its the way the world works. DONT MAKE THE BUSINESS CARDS AND BUILD THE WEBSITE UNTIL YOU ARE SELLING YOUR STUFF. SELL FIRST THEN CLEAN UP YOUR MESS AND GET ORGANIZED.

    5. Take MF'ing action!!! Right NOW! Do it! Now... you will run into bad days and pit falls. Dont let them get you down. Every time you make a mistake or make a very bad decision you will learn a new way NOT to do something. Each step you take, whether it be a failure or success, will get you what you need to get you to the next step.

    6. Stay motivated daily. Take a damn break and watch some TV or youtube videos. Go to the gym, have sex with your gf (or your sister if you're into that). It clears your mind. When you get back to work you'll be refreshed with new ideas.

    7. Keep going until you've reached your goal. Never give up at all costs. UNLESS you realize this is not what you wanted to do. Ive run into this a number of times. I started something and realized I actually didnt want to do it. So I stopped. At first I thought I was a quitter. Then I realized these "failures" or "realizations" was what got me to my next idea and to my next step.

    8. Set another goal and repeat to stay satisfied. Or relax on the beach and drive your Lambo if you really hit it big. You still might get board though. Always have a goal. If you aint growing, you're dead.

    Final Thoughts:
    When you look at most of the people around you, they are like drones. They Wake up at 5-6 a.m., drive to work high on caffiene, work like a slave and take orders from ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, drive home and spend the rest of the night "relaxing", watching tv, surfing the web for crap, or just partying all the time "to relax". These people live their lives week by week. Just making it by until that next weekend to relax. Just making it to that next paycheck to pay the rent and light bill just in time. If they are lucky they might get to save a small amount of money weekly. But most wont, they'll just spend it on worthless crap and charge the rest to credit. Dont be like this.

    Most people think life was meant to be hard and a struggle. These people piss me the fuck off. My gf's mom is like this. I love her to death but she is as poor as dirt. And its nobody's fault but her own. She constantly says things like: "You cant always get what you want", "We're roughing it", "we're lucky to have a job", "I cant afford that", "Times are tough". "Yeah for you" I think. Its because she has that driven into her head. She really thinks she is supposed to work for someone every week for $10 an hr and just making it by every week. And that's what shes getting. I feel bad for these people. Dont be like these people.

    I also feel bad for the people who will be employees for the rest of their lives. Why the FUCK would you want to work for someone else your whole life and make them rich while you struggle for 40 yrs of your life to get by on a weekly paycheck? This is America baby. The successful people are business owners and entrepreneurs. You can think you're successful as much as you want in your job, but the reality is...your boss can drop you like a bad habit and leave you unemployed on your ass with the snap of a finger.

    Get off your ass and do something. Take your life into your own hands. Stop relying on someone else to determine your security and your paycheck. Grow some balls and take some chances. Write your own paycheck. Again, this is America. If you cant make it here, where else can you make it? Seriously. This is a GREAT time to be alive. Anyone can jump online and be a business owner. NOW is the time.

    So take action guys. Get out of the dream mentality.

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    You right, BUT the 1st of all you have to: 2. Find out what your good at and what your passionate about.
    But it is not easy. I'd like manage projects, think about BIG projects, something like 'Crisis Management'. And so? I made one notarial firm profitable for 2 years (took 1st position on big G for one word, general one word phrase) and? This was not my firm, I'm just helping my friends. Where I can find this field? But I'm still waiting and trying.... :) I'm here just 5 years, and I hope I'll find my niche. Thanks man, I'll with you!
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    Very nice post. I understand what you're talking about bro.
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    This is just you venting man... if you've become successful then all power to ya...
    i've been reading about IM for awhile now... but thats all i'm doing reading... i havnt done anything... i havnt made anything... when my friends ask me "Hey you know about computers.... how can i get more people to come to my site" and i do a simple SEO analysis for them helping them out with backlinks... and then i tell them about all these plugins using a CMS for SERP friendly stuff... they go balisticc... i definately know my stuff... so much so that i might be able to start an SEO company myself... why dont i do it... laziness... fear...

    honestly people know alot... everyone has ideas... but noone does them.... you kno all you have to do is create an e-book post it up on clickbank... they handle everything you can charge $36 for your stuff... have a payout of 51% and your sitting on your ass making money that took you maximum 3 hours to make... and this is for the rest of your life... and you can simply outsource everything... it's really simple... i know i can do this... why dont i do it... i dont know

    maybe you guys can do it... here's a thought:
    1. Use a ghost writer to create an ebook. $100
    2. Brand it yourself and add images... use a video b/c people love that. 2 hours
    3. Use a outsourced person from India or DP to create a nice landing page with good copywriting. $30 to $75 and maybe 30 mins of your time
    4. Use an account on clickbank to set this up. and Boom!
    5. To make more money you can use some of the black hat skills located here. Geo-targeting... link cloaking... cookie stuffing... all of which can help you in this matter...

    You could be sitting at home easily making $300 a day by using this method investing less than $300 as a one-time fee.

    Is it worth it?

    Now how many people will go and do this... Actually take their time to invest 3-5 hours of their lives in this. Pay the $300 or whatnot dollar and get this done. This is almost completely automated... so why not do it?

    Maybe if other people do it i just might... Reply back

    -the f00f
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    Monitoring my affiliate accounts.
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    I took action right away by reading the first paragraph then seeing how long the post was, skimming over the post instead of really REALLY reading it... then read the last line. After which I decided to write a comment, and as soon as I hit post you can bet I will be back to acting on what I learn.
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    Dude, I commend you for this great post. Thank you. Rep given.

    Everything here is to the point, and everything has been said that needs to be said.

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    Pretty much anything you can do working for someone else can be turned into a biz. You just have to be creative.


    This is not just me venting. You just proved my point. You know that you can do, you just dont take action and do it. I just made this post to maybe inspire and maybe piss some people off so they do take action.

    Thank for your comment and good luck to you. You sound like you have what it takes. Just put it to use.

    Sorry man but you confused me lol

    Thanks for your comment though.

    Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.