how to be good in google rank?

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    GOOGLE is a search engine leader, accounting for 2/3 of the world's search volume, so do the site's ranking in GOOGLE search is a top priority in the website promotion. So how do we do GOOGLE ranked where?
    First, we must know the ranking factors that determine the GOOGLE search results, keyword relevance.
    , SEO sector has long been a wrong perception that the PR value will rank well, is not necessarily so, decided to rank the most critical factor is the degree of association of the pages and keywords, but not the site's PR value, PR value 0 pages ranked in the first place, a high PR page, but abound In the latter case.
    Understand the determinants of rank, the following let us step by step to learn to do Google ranking.
    Page title: The page title is GOOGLE, the vast majority of search engines judge web page and keywords associated with the degree of local, therefore, to increase the web page and fixed keywords, relevancy, certainly we should make your keywords appear on the page title.
    In practical work, often encountered in the key words optimization improper, it should be noted on the title keyword optimization, the title is usually not more than 25 Chinese characters, because after 25 characters basically no effect, and could easily be The search engine penalties.
    METE label: once the period of time, the search engine to determine the keywords of a Web site is METE tags, site description is displayed directly METE label, but due to rank cheating the search engines quickly change such practices, so that originally grew out of the kindness of METE label lost its original meaning, some search engines do not bother METE label METE label content GOOGLE rankings still have some effect.
    The METE label keyword tags and description tags design standards, keywords tag no more than three key words is appropriate, Keywords quantity is not too much, content description tag can not be too much, and can not be a simple repetition of a certain To highlight keywords, keywords more than several times, and the statement in line with the rules of grammar the job.
    3, the theme of the page optimization: the subject of the page optimization refers to the page content optimization, image optimization and link optimization.
    â‘ , Content Optimization: Content optimization of the density of the page to be in the web content, the optimization of the location, in general, should be the location of the keywords as far as possible forward and bold, so GOOGLE will take special care of your key words, if possible, it is best to use <h1> tag. Keyword density is generally not too close, remember, not a simple repetition of key words, do not use the same color and background content, otherwise, may be punished. Also, do not forget to pages less fat, increase the speed of access.
    â‘¡, image optimization: image optimization, the first to give the image compression speed web access, the other is to make images ALT tags, and more to highlight key words;
    â‘¢, Link Optimization: optimize your website link, making it a complete system, a closed ring link for search engine spiders crawl important pages must be repeated links, search engines know what your page ; Also do not forget to make a site map;
    4, the chain into the chain link optimization: chain into the chain a link to GOOGLE rankings have a great impact GOOGLE value chain into a link, especially, to find some good sites to exchange links, do GOOGLE rankings an important step also to improve an important method for the PR value.
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    thanks for sharing the basic ideas to how to rank in Google. :)
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