How to be a BadAss-On-Point-Autoblogger with Google Reader

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    Step I
    Get a Googler Reader.

    Step II
    Add feeds relevant to your special interest... chose top of the line ones that you are interested in reading yourself.
    Step III
    Browser through new items and click 'share' to add them to your shared items.
    Step IV
    Go to your shared items section, click details, copy the rss feed of your shared items and use it to create an automated campaign in your favorite+compatible autoblogger (I had to program in this capability into BlogSense so it could support this special feed format, which is what I use in the demonstration below)
    And that's it! You now can hand select and autopost content, pre-screened, on the fly using your Google Reader. Your special interest blog is sure to be top quality with this strategy.

    Note: Content will only be full content if the rss feeds providing content offer full content themselves. You could "pipe" content before you add it to your Reader to get full content. Search 'Yahoo Pipes' here on this forum for more information.
    Demonstration Video
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