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How to avoid mass bans?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by karupoiss, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. karupoiss

    karupoiss Elite Member

    May 16, 2012
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    I had almost all my videos deleted a day ago. I made a list of what I was doing and what I was not doing to prevent this.

    1. All the videos were uploaded on bought gmail accounts that were not phone verified. (Seller told that they were all created on different US IP-s).
    2. I used a VPN (not HMA or any other superpopular) to log into youtube and create a yt channel and upload 2 videos.
    3. I used Firefox portable to log into the accounts. (every time I close the firefox all the cookies and cache gets deleted).
    4. I used google url shortener (all the shortened links took the visitor to the same domain).
    5. I used the same decription and tags on all the videos but I spinned the order of them every time.
    6. I used Video Spin Blaster to spin my videos (consist of 11 slides).

    What I did NOT do:

    1. I did not change the user agent.
    2. I did not clear the flash cookies (doesn't the firefox portable delete those as well automatically after closing).
    3. All the url shortened links were from the same domain.
    4. I had the same addons.


    1. Does youtube track my addons and create a md5 hash from them to compare it?
    2. Has YT automatically banned some keywords?
    3. Does video spin blaster leave some footprint?

    The videos were up a week or so, I uploaded every day and then on monday, they were almost all deleted: "The account associated with this video is removed blabla".

    Thank you for answers and discussion. (BTW: I had over 300 videos up).
  2. Dagreyon

    Dagreyon Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Dec 1, 2011
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    I see several things you did wrong. Could have been any of the things you did. To be safe when uploading, get one private proxy, create an account and verify it if you can. It's not smart to be mass uploading videos from an account that was one of many mass created by an account seller. Then make each video unique.

    There's no reason to be clearing stuff if you're just using one account. That's for when you're using several accounts doing mass uploading etc. Since you did so many different things and your video wasn't legit, there are so many different things which could have cause the account to be suspended. Just learn from your mistakes. You should purchase a BS account that you're going to put time into.