How to avoid getting banned by PayPal - 100% fool proof method


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Feb 28, 2008
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yeah, so i keep reading how pple get fked over using i wanted to share a tip for those of you who do not ever want to get banned by far as i know it's 100% foolproof...if you follow this 1 tip, i guarantee you won't ever get your account banned or limited:


i know that this seems stupid at first...but if you think about it, if you have an account with paypal, you are at risk of getting your accounts limited or banned. there is no exception.

When i was on the phone with paypal back in december trying to restore my account, I asked an account supervisor, 'what can i do to avoid getting my account limited' she said and i quote 'there is nothing you can do'

There ARE alternatives to just have to do the research. I mean sure, paypal is an easy way to send money on the net, but is it really worth the risk?

If you do insist on using paypal, then I recommend that you leave no more than 50 bucks in your account at all times. There is nothing worse than seeing 10k of your hard earned money being held by paypal.
lol, i knew you where going to say that before i opened the post
I knew it too. I leave very little money in paypal. Unfortunately, it is inconvenient when I need to pay someone who only takes it.

Gaypal gets away with this bs because nobody sues them. Fortunately, a egay member just won a judgement against them so gaypal's day is coming, then I think it will snowball.

Unfortuately, I just paid a small amount to a guy at bhw with gaypal. Nevertheless, it was just easier to do.
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Autally Am going to Sue Paypal Soon to Get my Own Back since they have $100s of my Money
Lol... so true...

Either that or don't sell hardcore with it or at all.. just use it to send other people money and you should be okay.
lol so agree with you, tonlilaz. here i quote from you, coz 'there is nothing you can do' it will be better if you DON'T USE PAYPAL. :D
Paypal has been known to reverse themselves fairly quickly once they get seriously threatened with a lawsuit. Send a serious 'scare letter' (an attorney knows how to write them) and watch how quickly "there's nothing you can do" will yield to "hello, how can we resolve this?"
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