How To Avoid Domain Ban By Akismet Using Scrapebox

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by moonlighsunligh, Aug 1, 2010.

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    How to avoid domain ban by akismet using scrapebox . I wonder what is safe number of blogs i auto-comment too per day if i write really good comments and find highly relevant blogs to my keyword so comments fits as much as natural?

    For sake of simplicity lets say I use 20 private proxies for posting.
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    I would like to know the answer to this as well. What number is generally safe? I got my wordpress banned after a small 1k blast. Relevancy, proxies and all other details e.g. names, emails, comments, being all different will help, but someone needs to make a guide to scrapebox (better than SB Domination a lot of which is just common sense) - a really in depth guide to the risks and strategies, how to get the most out of it, etc.
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    Simple answer is to not worry about posting to Wordpress blogs. There are plenty of other platforms that ScrapeBox uses. Akismet has now got so good that you will be running in circles in order not to be banned by it. Personally I don't think the rewards outweigh the efforts.

    You can easily gets thousands of backlinks without once leaving a comment on a Wordpress blog.

    That said - if you are doing automatic comment spamming, then just spam to a few hundred Wordpress blogs and chances are that a few of them won't have Akismet enabled.
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    Yup. Wordpress should be bottom of your list.

    Great to use yourself as a CMS - rubbish to comment on.

    The high PR sites are all anti-spam
    The low PR sites are..well low PR.
    Here's an idea (i ripped off - sorry to original poster wherever and whoever it was)

    Get firefox and Imacros (all free) use a forum footprint (PhP or such like) and get blasting.

    Once you have worked out a quick join forum macro - and created a spam email address for all the confirmations to go to - -you can absolutely rule.

    Likewise Scrapebox can look for all sorts of footprints. Almost any.

    Scrapebox and imacro (and maybe a bit of VB or Java or whatever) and you can cobble up something that will rocket you.
    I don't mean a major tool - but a unique tool - one with a footprint no-one else uses.

    Seriously - take the time to learn a little programming language (VB is dead easy, and the compiler etc are all free) put it together with a spinner, or a social networking tool, or scrapebox or whatever, and dominate in your own way.

    Forget WP for comments. Get a list of a few hundred none WP PR5 sites you can post on, and scrapebox will suddenly be a massive addition to your linking system

    Akismet? Kiss my ass more like. I use it on all by blogs, and it's close on watertight against crappy spam comments.

    Be inventive, have fun :)

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    use the blog analyser add on... select those wordpress blog that doesnt have spam protection...
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    Hard to avoid it, maybe impossible, I commented manually and was caught by the filter, all comments were on theme, probably if you use the keyword as name they will think you are a spammer.