How to avoid being scammed when buying Facebook fan pages

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    Hi guys,
    Lately I've been seeing a lot of posts in BHW and on other sites titled: "How to monetize my big Facebook fan page?" and many requests by friends to buy big Facebook pages in order for them to start their Facebook marketing easily.
    Once someone publishes this kind of question on BHW, the thread automatically gets a lot of comments and views - this is because everyone wants to come across someone who doesn't really get the value of his fan page which has, for instance, 500k or 1m Likes, and it's quite obvious why those who comment, want to buy or publish posts, on a fan page like this. The feeling that we have found a "gold mine" can dazzle even an experienced marketer who has already bought many fan pages in the past.
    There is no online marketplace for selling and buying Facebook pages. This is because once Facebook notices such activity, they immediately shut down all the pages related to it, as it's against their TOS.

    How to avoid being scammed when buying Facebook fan pages?
    First, it's important to understand that you can't hide behind a PayPal dispute. PayPal doesn't always refund money on such scams. This because a fan page is a virtual product, and it isn't from a site with TOS and other policies. Once you got scammed, paid for a fan page and didn't get it, you can only pray that PayPal will refund your money, or some of it, and that is also after a long process of dispute.
    Most scammers try to sell fan pages that are not their own, and it seems to the buyer like an asset that he can upgrade it (high interaction rate, a lot of likes on posts etc.). Therefore you should first verify that the seller is really the owner of the page, which you can do in a few simple steps:

    1. Ask the seller to publish a picture that you choose on the page with a status, that's how you'll know, besides the fact that he can actually publish on the page, the interaction rate. Take a picture that received a lot of likes on other pages and see how many it will get on this page. By the way, if a picture doesn't get at least 50 likes in a minute on a page with 500k likes, don't buy the page, but that's a story for another post :) It's very important to do so also because as you probably know, it's possible to get a Facebook page with thousands of likes, comments etc., in which everything is fake.
    2. Send a message to the page itself and ask the seller to reply it from the admin.
    3. Ask the seller to make you insights analyst/moderator/content creator. The seller can't lose, because you can't make changes on the page on those statuses. This is a very important phase, because I have encountered quite a few admin that don't own the page, but still try to sell it and by doing so - trying to scam you.
    4. Don't believe to screen shots of stats from the page; any 5 year old kid can create them on Paint.
    5. Checked everything and it looks well? Great :) Now it's time for the actual buying. I believe that for a fair sum you can find a middleman from the forum which the sale started on. Look for someone honest with something to lose, like a member of BHW with 1000+ posts who doesn't want to lose credibility. Transfer the money and the page to him, it's worth paying a little extra, instead of losing everything.

    It sucks that some people here are trying to scam and I hope I've helped others avoid being scammed. :drinking2
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    You can get your money back with paypal certainty IF you pay with a credit card (not a debit card) and if you send money for a physical item (not as a gift or a virtual item). In the dispute form write that your item (could be anything physical) never came. Most disputes are resolved in a few weeks. If all else fails the credit card company enable you to chargeback.
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