How to Automate Profile Links?


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Feb 13, 2009
What are people using to successfully automate profile links. I'm promoting about 20 URL's and want to slowly build profile links to them over the next weeks and months. So, I don't want to dump 200 or 2000 links in one sitting, but rather I want to maybe do like 10 to 20 per URL per week. Slow and steady and as "natural" as possible as I want these sites to rank for the long haul.

Doing all of this manually is driving me crazy. Anyone have any suggestions to automate the process, the more hands off the better?

I'm open to spending money, but would prefer a solution with a one time payment as opposed to an ongoing recurring fee. But, to be honest, I just want to find something that works.

Any ideas?
I use RoboForm. Not completely automatic but definitely speeds things up. I can register and drop links on 50 forums in less than 2 hours and that includes time for approval emails. Why are you building so slowly though? Since google won't find all of your profiles at once, particularly if you don't ping them, there's really nothing wrong with building a lot at once....
that looks pretty good. Anyone had any experience using it? Seems pretty new and seems like have advantage over software like SEO link dominator.
If you're talking about sick marketing, I'm not a fan of monthly subscriptions. I also would have to see their full list of forum options before I subscribed. I have a list of over 5k **************** forums that are PR3 or higher. It's not difficult to get such a list and build your own links and once you know what you're doing it's fast and easy.
Roboform does a nice job, speeds things up alot... but if you want abit more "power", then nothing beats a well "self-learned" xrumer beast :)
that looks pretty good. Anyone had any experience using it? Seems pretty new and seems like have advantage over software like SEO link dominator.
Yes it is very new, it was released on the warrior forum first, and had 1 month or so of beta users to begin, then the developers finally released a paid version, which turned out to be a monthly membership...:rolleyes:

I would recommend SEO link dominator over this sick tool - 100%

I faced problems while using Sick.... trail software, I will try some thing else.

Always wanted to try Xrummer, will try that soon enough.

Thanks to all.
Hmm... I'm tying out Sick Profile Maker and so far it seems decent. End of the week they are releasing their toolkit which should make it easy to build out custom lists more quickly. And, once you get a certain footprint figured out, it looks pretty easy to just mass replicate it to as many sites as you can scrape.

Agree, the $12.99 (WSO price) per month is a bit of a drag, but honestly it's not that big of a deal so long as it works. I'll keep my subscription going for at least a couple of months to try it out.
Sick Profile Maker looks interesting, however, I don't like the way they have it structured to add 30 new sites a month.

I also don't really like the software like Brute Force Linking Loophole and the others like that. I've found that I can create my links manually as fast those softwares can.
hm, would automate everything for you, the only down-side is they're not launched yet! :p

You can opt in for the lifetime 50% savings if you want though.

i need a Big Forum List for Sick Profiler!
My List have 1000 Forums, you need Proflie Links? let me Know
I have SEO Link Dominator but I went back to Roboform. I didn't notice any real gain over Excel+Roboform and I don't like the UI of SEO Link Dominator.
Roboform works wonder for me. Never thought that a software like SEO link dominator could speed up the process any faster than Roboform. And it's much cheaper.
For the paid ones, try SeNuke or Xrumer.
If you can master automation software, you can save lots of time.
Does anyone know if LastPass will do the same job as Roboform?

I believe they are pretty simular?
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