How to analyses competitors and make summary of their keyword uses?


Nov 4, 2016
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Hi Everybody !! How to analyses competitors and make summary of their keyword uses?
Semrush gives you idea about your comp. keywords and ranking plus ahref also.
Semrush is the most powerful 1. However you can use which have similar functionality build in.

If you are using Semrush.
  1. Choose exports
  2. Sort by page url
  3. So you can have a list of closely related keywords
All mentioned above and also for keywords they are targeting that can be figured out easily by KW density and metas they are using
If you're taking about analyzing the "on-page content" of your competitors to dissect the keywords they use on the page along with the keyword distribution ratios, then you can try running an "On-Page Analyzer" report in Mondovo. Report costs 3 cents and you can pay per report.
I couldn't find my keywords, how than i can know my competitors, if im perplexed in this step?
I used different tools , but they don't give same results, which one i should trust more and launch to take as main base.
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